Monday, December 22, 2014

CAT 2014 Results to be announced by 27th December before midnight

Around 1,75,000 Common Admission Test Takers are patiently waiting for the results of CAT 2014 to be announced. As promised by IIM Indore the results should have been announced by now as the third week of December is over. Thousands of serious CAT 2014 takers have been spending the last few days sticking to their laptop and mobile screens refreshing again and again but till now the screen has now changed.

It seems the wait is getting impatient for many as these type of speculations in the announcement of results has not been seen from the last many years specially from 2009 when CAT was for the first time made online. From then at the time of notification it was told that CAT results will be available from this date and at this time and the results were available at that exact time. So why this year problem is seen in the declaration of CAT 2014 Results. The reason quoted by IIM Indore authorities is that last time when CAT 2013 Results were declared some glitches were left unsolved due to which cases were filed in Indore High Court. This time IIM Indore before declaring results wants to make sure that nothing like that is repeated.

Many students wrongfully are talking mischief saying that CAT 2014 results are being delayed because some errors have happened while calculating scores and percentiles using normalisation. This is true that the procedure of normalisation detailed by IIM's this year are not very clear to students and even coaching institutes but guys be very sure about the proficiency of IIM's as they while applying normalisation will keep interests of all test takers in consideration. As the exam conducting agency was changed this year TCS instead of PROMETRIC, the conduct was exam was very smooth this year with minimum glitches and most importantly the exam was conducted in 2 days and 4 slots unlike the previous few years when exams were conducted in a window of 20 days and 40 slots. So less slots means increase in normalisation efficiency.

CAT 2014 Results Announcement Date -

According to the source of PAGALGUY the results of CAT 2014 will be announced in the evening of 27th December 2014. According to IIM Indore officials they have got the scores of candidates from TCS (CAT conducting agency) well in advance and right now they are performing  a check on the results that whether everything is going on in a right manner. They are manually checking the results as they want to be sure that nothing like what happened when first time CAT was conducted online happens again. BEST OF LUCK TO ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!

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