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D Alphabet Words Meaning and Usage in Sentences - Learn English

Below are the words starting with D alphabet. The meanings of the words are given in the bracket after the word mean and their usage in sentence in given after the word sent.

Dauntless-mean-(bold,brave) sent-Shivaji was a dauntless warrior.

Decry-mean-(disparage) sent-You can’t gain anything by decrying the success of your rivals.

Devoid-mean-(lacking) sent-I cannot trust him because he is devoid of sense of right and wrong.

Dearth-mean-(scarcity) sent-There is no dearth of talent in India but it has remained unexploited.

Deference-mean-(regards for another’s wish) sent-We are advised to act in deference to the wishes of our parents.

Dubious-mean-(not certain, doubtful, suspicious) sent-He is dubious about the scheme made by his friends.

Deleterious-mean-(harmful) sent-We should always beware of the deleterious effect of overeating.

Defile-mean-(pollute, profane) sent-One should never defile sanctity of religious places so as not to hurt the sentiments of others.

Deterrent-mean-(discouraging) sent-India must posses nuclear weapons so that they may act as deterrent for her hostile neighbours.

Dilapidation-mean-(state of ruins) sent-Ancient monuments in our town are in the state of dilapidation.

Disdain-mean-(treat with scorn) sent-He always disdains what he considers dishonest.

Dire-mean-(disastrous) sent-In the interest of National Security, we must not be intimidated by the dire consequences of economic sanctions.

Dissipate-mean-(squander, waste) sent-India cannot afford to dissipate the forest resources.

Devout-mean-(religious, pious) sent-My mother is devout and God fearing.

Dint-mean-(means, effort) sent-You can attain success by dint of hard work.

Dormant-mean-(torpid, hidden, latent) sent-Adversity brings out dormant qualities in a person to overcome the problems.

Divulge-mean-(reveal, unravel) sent-He tried to gain my favour by divulging the secrets of my friends.

Defunct-mean-(dead, no longer in use) sent-On account of heavy loss, the factory of my uncle is almost defunct.

Delusion-mean-(hallucination, false) sent-We should never be under delusion about our capability.

Deplete-mean-(reduce, dwindle) sent-India has recklessly depleted her forest resources after Independence.

Debauch-mean-(corrupt) sent-Some of the T.V. channels have debauched the morals and manners of the youth of our country.

Dovetail-mean-(fit together) sent-You can be benefited only if you dovetail these two schemes to cut down the cost of the material.

Decoy-mean-(lure, bait) sent-A goat is often used as a decoy by the hunters to catch a lion.

Daunt-mean-(intimidate) sent-One should never be daunted by difficulties in life.

Delete-mean-(erase, remove) sent-His name has been deleted from the list of successful candidates.

Deride-mean-(scoff at) sent-He is in the habit of deriding the achievements of his friends.

Despise-mean-(scorn, detest) sent-We should not despise anyone for his poverty.

Debacle-mean-(down fall) sent-The poor batting performance resulted in the debacle of our team.

Deployment-meaning-(spreading out troops) sent-The Central Govt. has promised the deployment of additional troops during elections.

Diffident-mean-(shy, timed) sent-A successful teacher is not expected to be diffident.

Dynamic-mean-(energetic) sent-At this critical juncture, India needs dynamic and sagacious political leaders.

Despotism-mean-(tyranny, cruelty) sent-Germans got fed up with despotism of Hitler very soon.

Dexterous-mean-(skilful) sent-The artisans of Moradabad are dexterous in brass work.

Detrimental-mean-(harmful) sent-The foreign aid has proved to be detrimental to our economy.

Desecrate-mean-(violate sanctity) sent-The rioters desecrated the religious places.

Diversity-mean-(variety) sent-Diversity is the hallmark of Indian Civilization.

Dulcet-mean-(melodious to the ear/taste) sent-As a singer Jagjit Singh is known for his dulcet voice.

Demise-mean-(death) sent-In the demise of Sardar Patel, India lost the most sagacious leader.

Demolition-mean-(destruction) sent-The Municipal Corporation has started demolition campaign to clear up encroachment.

Deranged-mean-(insane, mad) sent-None but a deranged person could have behaved in such an irresponsible manner.

Demur-mean-(delay, hesitate) sent-A practical man would never demur to avail himself of every chance.

Demure-mean-(shy, quiet) sent-She is both demure and introvert.

Dilatory-mean-(causing delay) sent-Many politicians consider dilatory tactics as an art of politics.

Deteriorate-mean-(get worse) sent-The condition of the patient has deteriorated.

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