Saturday, December 20, 2014

Deepest Trenches of the World and their Location - World Geography

1. Aleutian Trench: Lying to the south of chain of Aleutian Islands in the North Pacific, it is a deep ocean trench. It is more than 7000m in depth. The subduction of the Pacific plate takes place in this trench, resulting into the volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Maximum active volcanoes are found in the northern side of the Aleutian Islands.

2. Challenger Deep: The deepest part of the Mariana trench in the pacific Ocean is known as the Challenger deep. It was surveyed by and named after HMS Challenger II in 1948. The bottom of the Challenger Deep is covered by biogenic ooze and red clay deposits. The temperature at the bottom is about 3 degree C.

3. Kuril Trench: Stretching to the east of the Kuril Islands from north to south, It is one of the deepest trenches (10,542m) of the Northern Pacific Ocean. Because of subduction, the frequency of earthquakes is high is this part of the Ocean.

4. Mariana Trench: Situated to the southeast of the Mariana Islands, it is the deepest ocean trench in the world. Its greater know depth is 11,022m. its bottom was reached in 1960 by the US bathyscaphe Trieste. The ocean bottom of Mariana Trench is 11,022 metres below the sea level and width is 70 kilometres. The bottom temperature of the trench remains about 2 degree C and the salinity of its water is around 31%.

5. Puerto Rico Trench: Stretching in an east-west direction, it is the deepest trench of the Atlantic Ocean. It lies to the north of Puerto Rico. Its deepest point is 9220 m below the sea level. The temperature of the bottom of the water is about 3 degree C and the salinity of the water is around 32%. The surface of Puerto Rico Trench is covered with ooze deposits.

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