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E Alphabet Words Meaning and Usage in Sentences - Learn English

Below are the words starting with E alphabet. The meanings of the words are given in the bracket after the word mean and their usage in sentence in given after the word sent.

Extinct-mean-(out of existence) sent-Many species of flora & fauna have become extinct.

Emaciated-mean-(thin and wasted) sent-On account of poverty and starvation most of the children are emaciated.

Elucidate-mean-(explain, enlighten) sent-The Government had been asked to elucidate their economic policy.

Engross-mean-(fully absorbed) sent-She did not talk to me because she was engrossed in writing a letter.

Enormity-mean-(great wickedness) sent-He is a hardened criminal and is insensitive to the enormity of his crimes.

Extant-mean-(in existence) sent-Many of the ancient documents, still extant tell us about the diversity of Indian culture.

Ecstasy-mean-(rapture, joy) sent-On hearing of the sudden financial wind fall, the family was in ecstasy.

Effigy-mean-(dummy) sent-The effigy of the American President was burnt by the crowd when the unfavourable remarks against India were made by him.

Exorbitant-mean-(excessive) sent-It is very difficult to hire taxi because of the exorbitant charges.

Embezzlement-mean-(misappropriation) sent-Most of the politicians involved in the embezzlement of public money are still at large.

Emanate-mean-(issue from) sent-This letter emanated from the central office.

Enamoured-mean-(in love, fascinated) sent-Every member of the picnic party was enamoured of the scenic beauty of the landscape.

Exonerate-mean-(acquit, exculpate) sent-After long legal battle, he was exonerated of murder charges.

Expunge-mean-(delete, cancel) sent-I shall request the Principal to expunge the unfavourable remarks from your annual report.

Extol-mean-(praise, glorify) sent-Every Indian extolled the achievement of the Govt. in curbing the militancy in the state.

Emulate-mean-(imitate, follow) sent-We must emulate the ideals of Netaji to make our country strong and invincible.

Enhance-mean-(increase, improve) sent-The judicious use of cosmetics enhance the natural charms.

Estranged-mean-(separated) sent-The estranged husband and wife are living separately.

Expediency-mean-(advisable, practical) sent-Thos who hanker after material gains are often guided by expediency and not by moral sense.

Extraneous-mean-(not essential, external) sent-Bigotry is extraneous to the basic tenets of Hinduism.

Extort-mean-(get money by threats) sent-Anti-social elements are bush in extorting money from the businessmen with the connivance of the police.

Evasive-mean-(not frank, avoiding) sent-The police could not make out anything of her evasive replies.

Ennui-mean-(mental boredom) sent-The modern youth suffer from feeling of ennui since they are not engaged in any constructive work.

Exquisite-mean-(beautiful) sent-The picture hanging on the wall is an exquisite work of art.

Encomium-mean-(praise) sent-Every member of the family showered encomium on his grand success.

Erode-mean-(decay) sent-The desire for material success has eroded our concern for the poor.

Erudite-mean-(learned, scholarly) sent-His writings are not erudite but they are read with keen interest.

Eschew-mean-(avoid, give up) sent-We must eschew violence in dealing with national issues.

Epoch-mean-(period of time, ear) sent-The exact duration of Indus Valley Civilization epoch has not been determined so far.

Equanimity-mean-(calmness) sent-We must bear the hardships with equanimity.

Enormous-mean-(huge, immense) sent-On account of fire there was enormous loss of goods and property.

Endemic-mean-(prevailing in a region) sent-Goitre is endemic in the hilly areas for want of iodine in water.

Expiate-mean-(atone for) sent-He is ready to expiate his sins by giving up irresponsible way of life.

Embellish-mean-(decorate) sent-The writes generally embellish their style by the use of unnecessary imagery.

Ecology-mean-(science of environment) sent-Ecology is the study of environment.

Egregious-mean-(exceptional (crime) sent-It is difficult to reform him because he is an egregious criminal.

Exodus-mean-(departure (large scale) sent-The exodus of the Hindus from Kashmir valley is deplorable.

Errant-mean-(erring from right path) sent-Many errant students were punished.

Errand-mean-(short visit to fetch something) sent-My servant has gone on errand to fetch rations.

Erroneous-mean-(incorrect) sent-It is erroneous idea on your part that he will return home at last.

Envisage-mean-(foresee in mind) sent-It was difficult for everyone to envisage the loss in such a 
profitable venture.

Emancipate-mean-(make free) sent-Raja Ram Mohan Roy tried to emancipate women from many social evils.

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