Thursday, December 11, 2014

F Alphabet Words Meaning and Usage in Sentences - Learn English

Below are the words starting with F alphabet. The meanings of the words are given in the bracket after the word mean and their usage in sentence in given after the word sent.

Flagrant-mean-(glaring, openly wicked) sent-It is not easy to pardon such flagrant violation of the decorum of the House.

Fickle-mean-(changeable, faithless) sent-Fickle minded persons cannot be relied upon.

Filial-mean-(of son or daughter) sent-Children must fulfil their filial duties towards their parent.

Fray-mean-(brawl, contest) sent-The miscreants involved in the fray were arrested by the police.

Facile-mean-(easy, expert) sent-India could achieve facile victory in the match yesterday.

Fallible-mean-(liable to err) sent-Man is fallible.

Fervent-mean-(ardent, warm) sent-My friend was accorded fervent welcome on his arrival.

Fete-mean-(outdoor entertainment, carnival) sent-A charity fete was held in our college yesterday.

Fictitious-mean-(imaginary) sent-Don’t believe his story because it is just fictitious.

Foolhardy-mean-(rash, reckless) sent-Many believe that trying for impossible things is foolhardy attempt.

Fiat-mean-(command) sent-The Court issued a fiat to both the parties to maintain status quo.

Finale-mean-(conclusion) sent-The finale of the match was very interesting.

Fitful-mean-(spasmodic, intermittent) sent-You are not going to achieve anything by pursuing fitful study.

Fraught-mean-(filled, threatening) sent-Security problem on our borders is fraught with danger.

Fortitude-mean-(bravery, courage) sent-One must face the problems of life with fortitude.

Feasible-mean-(practicable) sent-We must execute proposal that is feasible.

Ferment-mean-(agitation, commotion) sent-During Quit India Movement, the whole nation was in ferment.

Franchise-mean-(right by government to vote or trade) sent-The Mughals granted franchise to East India Company to carry on trade in India.

Foible-mean-(weakness) sent-Man is subject to foibles and frailties in life.

Flaunt-mean-(display ostentatiously) sent-The rich are in the habit of flaunting their material achievement.

Flout-mean-(reject, mock) sent-No good citizen will flout the rules of the road.

Foment-mean-stir up, instigate-sentence-The decision of the Govt. is likely to foment disagreement among the opposition parties.

Furtive-mean-(secret, stealthy) sent- She entered the room with furtive steps to avoid the attention of the teacher.

Frantic-mean-(excited, wildly) sent- Frantic efforts are going on the eve of the visit of the PM.

Frigid-mean-(intensely cold) sent-One must not be frigid in one’s attitude towards his near and dear ones.

Flair-mean-(talent) sent- Our PM has flair for glib talk.

Faux pas-mean-(an error in manner or behaviour) sent- Her thoughtless remarks in the meeting were a faux pas and amused everyone.

Flux-mean-(flowing, changing) sent-No foreign investor would like to invest in a country where the state of economy is in a flux.

Fracas-mean-(noisy, quarrel) sent-The mob gathered in the street when there was fracas between the two neighbours.

Freak-mean-(unusual, abnormal) sent-It is just an example of his freak behaviour because he normally doesn't behave in this manner.

Fawning-mean-(flattering) sent- One must be wary of fawning admirers because they have always an axe to grind.

Fecundity-mean-(fruitfulness) sent-The fecundity of poet’s imagination makes a poem an exquisite work of art.

Foray-mean-(raid) sent-The foray against the enemy outpost met with an unexpected success.

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