Monday, December 15, 2014

Famous COPPER Producing Mines and Regions of the World - World Geography

1. Chuquicamata & Eltaniment: Located in northern part of Chile in Atacama Desert these are world famous copper mines. Most of Chile’s Copper is obtained from these mines. The Copper obtained from here is exported to different parts of the world in large amount. 

2. Bingham: It is a famous mine located in Utah Province of U.S.A. It is country’s largest copper mine. 

3. Morensi and Globe: These are famous copper mines located in Arizona Province of U.S.A. 

4. Butte Hill: Located in Montana State of U.S.A., it is a world famous copper mine from where huge amount of Copper is obtained. Along with Copper, Zinc, Lead, Manganese and Gold is also found. That’s why it is also called ‘Richest Hill on Earth’. 

5. Sudbury: It is a world famous copper mine located in Ontario State of Canada. As per estimates, Canada’s 70% accumulated reserve and more than 50% production is from here. Along with Copper, Nickel is also obtained from here. 

6. Zezlagan: It is the largest copper producing mine of Kazakhstan. Due to this many copper producing complex have developed in this country. It is near Lake Balkhash. 

7. Mount Isa, Mount Loyal: These all are Australia’s major copper producing mines. These produce huge amount of Copper. 

8. Katanga Plateau: It is world’s major copper producing region located in Zaire and Zambia. High quality Copper is obtained from here. The Copper obtained from here is purified by the help of Hydel power obtained from ‘Kariba Dam’. 

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