Monday, December 15, 2014

Famous TIN Producing Mines and Regions of the World - World Geography

1. Bangka, Belitung and Singcape: These are Indonesia’s most important tin mines. These are located on 3 small islands of the north-eastern coast of Sumatra island. These islands produce respectively 60%, 32% and 8% of Indonesia’s Tin.

2. Penang Island: It is Malaysia’s major island, Tin is mines in large quantities on this island.

3. Phuket Island: It is Thailand’s major island. It is country’s largest tin producing region. This island is also famous for tourism.

4. Renang: It is Thailand’s major tin producing region.

5. San Antonia Da Palo: It is Peru’s major tin producing centre from where most of Peru’s Tin in obtain. A major part of the production is exported from here.

6. Katawi: it is a major tin producing centre located near La Paz in Bolivia. Here Tin is obtained from quatz arteries. This region is rugged. The transport facilities are not fully developed here. Therefore, cost of mining in high.

7. Maniema: It is a famous Tin mine located on Katanga Plateau in Congo. Most of the Tin obtained from here is exported.

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