Thursday, December 11, 2014

G Alphabet Words Meaning and Usage in Sentences - Learn English

Below are the words starting with G alphabet. The meanings of the words are given in the bracket after the word mean and their usage in sentence in given after the word sent.

Gracious-mean-(kind, generous) sent-God is gracious.

Grouse-mean-(complaint) sent-I have no grouse against anyone for the misfortunes of life.

Glut-mean-(overstock) sent-As there is economic recession, there is a glut of luxury goods in the market.

Guileless-mean-(without, deceit) sent-She is so guileless that she will believe anyone.

Glutton-mean-(greedy for food) sent-being a glutton his base.

Glib-mean-(fluent) sent-Those who have command of language are glib talkers.

Gimmick-mean-(trick) sent-The reservation policy is just a political gimmick.

Gigantic-mean-(huge in size) sent-Gigantic crowd was there to listen to the speech of the PM.

Glossary-mean-(brief explanation) sent-You will find explanation of this in the glossary given at the end of the book.

Gaol-mean-(jail) sent-He is a hardened criminal and has often been to gaol.

Grumble-mean-(complain, protest) sent-We should not grumble when we are required to comply with the orders of our employers.

Gusto-mean-(enjoyment, enthusiasm) sent-The Independence Day was celebrated in our college with gusto.

Gainsay-mean-(deny) sent-Nobody can gainsay the truth of my statement.

Gregarious-mean-(flocking together, sociable) sent-The lion is not gregarious animal.

Gist-mean-(essence) sent-Please write the gist of the paragraph in not more than fifty words.

Garish-mean-(gaudy) sent-She wears garish clothes which don’t suit her.

Gait-mean-(manner of walking) sent-Her gait is graceful.

Ghastly-mean-(horrible, fearful) sent-Everybody was horrified at the sight of ghastly murder.

Gruesome-mean-(frightful, heinous, grisly) sent-The children cried when they saw the gruesome appearance of a killer.

Goad-mean-(urge on) sent-He was goaded by the classmates to make fun of the teacher.

Grasp-mean-(understand, seize) sent-I think you have grasped the meaning of my statement.

Grimace-mean-(expression of pain) sent-When hit on the head, he cried with grimace on his face.

Granary-mean-(store house for grain) sent-A country can succeed in war only if its granaries as well as arsenals are well stocked.

Gratis-mean-(free) sent-The company offered one silver coin gratis to a customer who bought two dozen of soap cakes.

Gruelling-mean-(tiring, exhausting) sent-The police could elicit information from the gangster only after gruelling questioning session.

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