Thursday, December 11, 2014

H Alphabet Words Meaning and Usage in Sentences - Learn English

Below are the words starting with H alphabet. The meanings of the words are given in the bracket after the word mean and their usage in sentence in given after the word sent.

Humdrum-mean-(dull, monotonous) sent-After strenuous years of service he is not able to adapt himself to humdrum life of retirement.

Huddle-mean-(crowd together) sent-The passengers sat huddled in a crowded compartment.

Haggle-mean-(bargain about prices) sent-We haggle with rickshaw-pullers while with doctors we cannot.

Hapless-mean-(unfortunate) sent-The hapless victims of tragedy were sanctioned compensation by the Government.

Hamper-mean-(obstruct, impede, a gift box) sent-The growth of population has hampered economic progress in India.

Hegemony-mean-(predominance) sent-Both America and China are trying for hegemony in Asia.

Hustings-mean-(contest, election) sent-The Congress party was badly defeated at the hustings in 1977.

Heretic-mean-(holding unorthodox belief) sent-Joan of Arc was considered heretic by the Church.

Hoodwink-mean-(deceive) sent-Hypocrites cannot hoodwink people for long.

Husband-mean-(utilize) sent-India has a plethora of natural resources which she must husband for her progress.

Hostile-mean-(unfriendly) sent-Western powers have ever been hostile to India for reasons best known to them.

Hypothecate-mean-(mortgage, pawn) sent-You can get loan from this bank by hypothecating house.

Halcyon-mean-(calm, peaceful) sent-Halcyon days a few years back appear to be just a dream.

Holocaust-mean-(destruction by fire) sent-The third world war is bound to bring about nuclear holocaust.

Hackneyed-mean-(commonplace, trite) sent-Now-a-days no one is interested in the hackneyed speeches of the politicians.

Hazy-mean-(slightly obscure) sent-I have just a hazy idea of my mother because she died when I was just five years old.

Hypocrite-mean-(pretending virtue) sent-Those who praise themselves are generally hypocrite. 

Hoax-mean-(trick, practical joke) sent-The information that a bomb had been planted in the aeroplane just proved a hoax.

Haggard-mean-(lean, gaunt) sent-A haggard and pale looking old man begged for some money.

Heinous-mean-(atrocious, odious) sent-The heinous crimes by the Nazis are against every norm of civilization.

Humane-mean-(kind) sent-Every religion preaches to be humane and considerate.

Haphazard-mean-(random, by chance) sent-He had no time and bought the clothes haphazardly.

Hazardous-mean-(dangerous) sent-A journey to Amarnath shire is hazardous.

Hearsay-mean-(rumour) sent-One must not believe in hearsay.

Homily-mean-(moral discourse) sent-A person should not deliver homily unless he himself follows.

Harbinger-mean-(forerunner) sent-Autumn is the harbinger of spring.

Harangue-mean-(loud and scolding talk) sent-In his harangue the commander reproved the soldiers for their unruly conduct.

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