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I Alphabet Words Meaning and Usage in Sentences - Learn English

Below are the words starting with I alphabet. The meanings of the words are given in the bracket after the word mean and their usage in sentence in given after the word sent.

Impasse-mean-(dead lock) sent-At present there is impasse in the talks between India and Pakistan.

Ignoble-mean-(unworthy) sent-His ignoble motives were exposed by his wicked actions.

Imbroglio-mean-(complicated situation) sent-Kashmir problem has become national imbroglio which has eluded solution.

Indolent-mean-(lazy, lethargic) sent-She was feeling indolent because of the sweltering weather in the afternoon.

Imbued-mean-(filled with) sent-It is a pity that our political leaders are not imbued with the spirit of nationalism.

Intrinsic-mean-(of value within, real quality) sent-The intrinsic value of the Indian rupee is on decline.

Itinerary-mean-(plan of a journey) sent-Delhi has been included in the itinerary of the American President’s visit to Asia.

Impeccable-mean-(faultless) sent-There is no person in the world who can claim to have impeccable character.

Impede-mean-(to hinder, hamper) sent-Economic crisis in the country will impede the industrial progress.

Incite-mean-(arouse to action) sent-The visit of the religious leader incited the communal riots in the city.

Inept-mean-(incompetent) sent-Inept handling of the foreign policy by the Congress party has created many complicated situations for the country.

Inertia-mean-(passivity) sent-The modern youth is suffering from inertia because they are not optimistic about their future.

Indigenous-mean-(native) sent-India must not depend on foreign technology for there is no lack of indigenous talent in the country.

Innate-mean-(inborn) sent-Poets are born with innate talent in the country.

Insular-mean-(narrow minded) sent-Fanatics have insular views about men and matters.

Indict-mean-(accuse, charge) sent-The officials of the department were indicted by the court for financial irregularities.

Intrude-mean-(interfere, trespass) sent-I don’t like if anyone tries to intrude on my privacy.

Inkling-mean-(clue, hint) sent-I had no inkling that she would break with her friends so soon.

Impervious-mean-(unaffected) sent-He never listens to his parents and is always impervious to their advice.

Ingenuous-mean-(naïve, artless, credulous) sent-Children are ingenuous by nature.

Inapt-mean-(unsuitable) sent-The remarks she made at the party annoyed many because they were inapt.

Inscrutable-mean-(incomprehensible) sent-The laws of nature are inscrutable.

Instance-mean-(example) sent-There are a number of instances of his misbehaviour but I have always overlooked them.

Ingrained-mean-(deeply fixed in mind) sent-Dishonesty appears to be ingrained in his character.

Innocuous-mean-(harmless) sent-It is now proved that soft drinks are not innocuous.

Inordinate-mean-(excessive) sent-I don’t understand the reason for his inordinate delay in replying to my letter.

Irksome-mean-(tedious) sent-I don’t like to do any irksome job, however profitable it may be.

Imbibe-mean-(drink, take in ideas) sent-Every Indian must imbibe the spirit of nationalism.

Impertinent-mean-(insolent, impudent) sent-She was reprimanded for her impertinent behaviour.

Intermittent-mean-( irregular, continual) sent- Heavy damage has been caused to the buildings on account of intermittent rains for the last two months.

Immaculate-mean-(pure, spotless) sent-She is often dressed in immaculately white dress.

Integrity-mean-(wholeness, uprightness) sent-The integrity of my brother is not to be questioned.

Incessant-mean-(uninterrupted, continuous) sent-We had to cancel our visit to Agra because of incessant rains.

Indigent-mean-(poor) sent-He could not continue his study because his parents were indigent.

Inundate-mean-(overflow, flood) sent-The whole village was inundated with flood water.

Inveterate-mean-(deep rooted, habitual) sent-He is an inveterate liar.

Inimical-mean-(unfriendly, hostile) sent-I feel my friends have turned inimical and are working against my interests.

Innovation-mean-(introduce new thing) sent-We cannot keep up with progress unless we introduce innovation in our technology.

Impute-mean-(attribute, ascribe) sent-You can impute his failure in life to his fickle mindedness.

Instigate-mean-(urge, incite) sent-China is instigating trouble on our borders.

Infinitesimal-mean-(very small) sent-They found infinitesimal traces of poison in the drink.

Irritate-mean-(annoy) sent-His insolent behaviour always irritates us.

Impending-mean-(imminent, approaching) sent-Some persons have intuition about impending calamity.

Insipid-mean-(tasteless) sent-All felt bored by his insipid jokes.

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