Thursday, December 11, 2014

Important Capital Cities of Australia and New Zealand - World Geography

1. Canberra: Located 310 km away from Sydney, it is the capital of Australia. This small town has a population of 0. 28 million. In the language of original inhabitants of Australia, Canberra means ‘Meeting Place’. It is mainly an administrative town. 

2. Wellington: Located at the southern end of North Island and it is the capital of New Zealand. It is most southerly located among the world capital cities. Its population is 3,75,000. It is famous for the game of Cricket. An international airport is also here. Food processing, chemicals, cloth industry etc. have developed here. 

3. Auckland: Located on North Island and is the largest city of New Zealand. It is the country’s largest port. It is New Zealand’s major industrial and commercial city. It is famous for cloth, chemicals, electronics, timber, food processing and meat processing. 

4. Christchurch: Located on South Island, it is a city of New Zealand. It is also country’s major industrial centre. Milk products are exported from here. It is famous for meat processing, chemicals, cloth and food processing industry. 

5. Hobart: Located in far south of Tasmania, it is the capital of Tasmania. It is also Tasmania’s major port. Apple growing and food processing are the major industries here. Initially, it was a whaling centre which was developed into an important seaport and administrative centre. 

6. Darwin: Capital of Northern Territory State of Australia and is a major port. This city is also called ‘Gateway of Australia’. Reserves of Iron-ore are found here. Wood, food grains and meat are exported from here. This city has Monsoonal climate. 

7. Perth: It is the capital of Western Australia State of Australia, which is located at the coast of River Avon. It is the largest city of Western Australia State of Australia. It is the western terminal of Trans-Australia Railway. It is famous for iron and steel, vehicles, machine manufacturing and cloth industry. 

8. Brisbane: Capital of Queensland State of Australia and a major port city. It is situated near lpswick coal region. It is major industrial city which is a centre of food processing, locomotive and machine manufacturing. 

9. Townsville: Located along the eastern coast of Queensland, it is an important seaport of Australia. It, However, developed fast after the discovery of minerals in Mount Isa in 1870. At present, it is the point of access for touring the Great Barrier Reef.  

10. Napier: Situated on the Howke Bay in the northern Island of New Zealand, it is an important industrial centre and seaport. 

11. Sydney: It is the capital of New South Wales State of Australia and the most ancient and the largest city of Australia. It is located on foot hill of Great Dividing Range on the Pacific Ocean coast. It is also country’s largest natural port. It is important for iron and steel, paper, printing and chemical industry. The ‘Bondi Beach’ here attracts tourists from all over the world. Olympics-2000 was held here. 

12. Melbourne: It is the capital of Victoria State of Australia and country’s second largest city. It is also Australia’s old capital. Chemicals, ship building, air crafts, rail spare parts and auto mobile etc. are the major industries. Australia Open is held here every year. 

13. Alice Spring: It is located in southern part of Northern Territory State of Australia and has huge reserves of oil and natural gas. It is connected to Adelaide through a rail line. 

14. Dunedin: It is located on South Island of New Zealand. It is a port town. It is famous for cloth industry, engineering and food processing industry. Gold was found in its vicinity in 1860. 

15. Broken Hill: It is a small town located in western part of New South Wales State of Australia. It is famous for the production of Lead, Zinc and Silver. 

16. New Castle: Located at the coast of Pacific Ocean, it is a major town of Australia’s New South Wales state. It is an industrial and commercial town. It is centre for iron and steel, ship building and cloth industry. 

17. Adelaide: Located along the Gulf of St. Vincent, it is the capital and major port town of South Australia. Fruit, flour milks, milk and woollen cloth industry have developed here. The Barsossa Valley located near it is famous for Grapes. 

18. Free Mantle: Located at the coast of River Avon, it is the largest port town of Western Australia State of Australia. 

19. Ayers Rock: It is small town situated in Northern Territory State of Australia. Made of Red stones and standing independently, the world’s largest ‘Monolithic rock’ is located here. It is called ‘Ulluru’. Its height is 348 metres. It is a holy place of Aborigines. 

20. Zips-land: It is a centrally administered Province of Australia which is a mining region of Lignite and Bituminous coal. Electricity is produced here which is useful of industries of Melbourne. 

21. Cairns: Situated along the eastern Coast of Queensland State of Australia on Trinity Bay, it is seaport and tourist centre. The Great Barriers Reef is very close to the resort of Cairns and therefore, the eco-tourists for the Reef stay at cairns. 

22. Kalgoorlie: Located in Western Australia, it is gold mining town of Australia. Gold was first discovery here in 1887. 


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