Monday, December 15, 2014

Important GOLD Producing Mines and Regions of the World - World Geography

1. Witwatersrand: Located near Johnnesburg in South Africa, it is world’s largest gold reserve. Here rocks containing Gold are found in an oval shaped ditch. Mining is going on since past 100 years. Many cities have developed in this region because of Gold, like-Johannesburg, Benoni, Boxburg etc. 

2. Odendals & Pilgrims Rust: These are located in Orange Free State of South Africa. At present, Odendals Rust has become more important than Witwatersrand. The rocks found here contain large amount of Gold. 

3. Black Hill: It is an important gold mine located in South Dakota State of U.S.A. The Homestake Mine located in Black Hill is the country’s largest gold mine. 

4. Bingham: it is gold mine located in Utah State of U.S.A. and is country’s second largest gold mine. 

5. Coolgardie &Kalgoorlie: These two are Australia’s most important gold mines. These mines are world famous in terms of gold production. More than three-fourth of Australia’s Gold is obtained from here. Because of allurement of Gold, population has settled in West Australia Desert near these mines. 

6. Mount Morgan: It is located in Victoria Province of Australia. It is an important gold mine. 

7. Porcupine: It is a world famous gold mine situated in Ontario Province of Canada. Gold is obtained from here in large amounts. 

8. Naranda: It is a famous gold mine situated in Quebec Province of Canada. Canada’s 20% Gold is obtained from here. 

9. Yellowknife: It is a major town of Canada located at the coast of Great Slave. Lake Large quantity of Gold is obtained from the nearby regions. 

10. Red Lake: It is a small town situated in Canada. It is a major gold producing centre. 

11. Kirkland Lake: it is a major gold mine located in Canada. More than one fourth of country’s Gold is obtained from here. 

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