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J,K,L,M,N Alphabet Words Meaning and Usage in Sentences - Learn English

Below are the words starting with J,K,L,M,N alphabet. The meanings of the words are given in the bracket after the word mean and their usage in sentence in given after the word sent.

Jovial-mean-(merry, happy) sent-He is a much sought after person because of his jovial nature.

Jinx-mean-(that brings bad luck) sent-Superstitions persons consider number thirteen a jinx.

Jaded-mean-(tired, exhausted) sent-He felt jaded after his return from journey.

Jargon-mean-(language difficult to understand) sent-It is difficult to understand the jargon of tribal people.

Jumble-mean-(mixed up) sent-She tried to put in order everything lying jumbled.

Jot-mean-(write hurriedly) sent-The journalists were jotting down the speech of the PM in haste.

Junk-mean-(discarded things) sent-He is a junk dealer.

Judicious-mean-(wise) sent-He has been successful in life because of his judicious planning in business.

Jubilant-mean-(happy) sent-The crowd was jubilant when Indian team achieved facile victory over English Team.

Jolt-mean-(give a jerk) sent-All his hopes were jolted when his son could not qualify the competition.

Juvenile-mean-(of young person) sent-Juvenile delinquency is on the increase.

Jiffy-mean-(few moments) sent-He completed the work in a jiffy.

Jeer-mean-(jest, mock) sent-We should not jeer at the shortcomings of our friends.

Jaunt-mean-(short journey for pleasure) sent-He is on a jaunt to Mumbai.

Jejune-mean-(dull, boring) sent-He left for Mumbai because he got tired of jejune life in his home town.

Jingoism-mean-(blind patriotism) sent-The jingoism of the Germans resulted in the Second World War.

Juncture-mean-(critical moment) sent-At this juncture of life you must be wary of strangers.

Jeopardy-mean-(danger) sent-His reputation as a doctor is in jeopardy because of his unethical practice.

Jocund-mean-(cheerful, merry) sent-Inspite of reeling under heavy debt Mr. Micawber was a jocund character.

Jubilation-mean-(rejoicing) sent-The victory of Indian Hockey team was celebrated with jubilation.

Knell-mean-(death knell, last blow) sent-The Second World War proved to be a knell for British imperialism.

Kiln-mean-(brick furnace) sent-He is running a brick kiln these days.

Kinship-mean-(affinity) sent-There is kinship between a tiger and a car.

Kickback-mean-(bribe) sent-He was charged with taking kickback.

Kindred-mean-(having common features) sent-Most of the European languages are kindred because they have a common source.

Knack-mean-(cleverness, art) sent-Politicians know the knack of putting the people off.

Kleptomania-mean-(obsession to steal) sent-Kleptomania is a psychological urge to steal.

Kinetic-mean-(motion) sent-The dust particles in air are in kinetic motion.

Knave-mean-(dishonest person) sent-Don’t believe him because he is a knave and scoundrel.

Knotty-mean-(complicated) sent-Since Independence India has not been able to solve a single knotty problem facing the country.

Kindle-mean-(arouse feeling) sent-The timely, arrival of my friend kindled in me a hope of getting proper medical treatment.

Kiosk-mean-(small booth) sent-he is running his business in a kiosk because he can’t afford a shop right work.

Kernel-mean-(inner part of fruit) sent-The kernel of the fruit is always tasty.

Keepsake-mean-(memento, reminder) sent-She gave him a ring as a keepsake.

Kudos-mean-(honour, credit) sent-Kapil Dev won kudos when he brought home the World Cup in 1983.

Longevity-mean-(length of life) sent-His mother prayed for his longevity when he fell ill.

Lieu-mean-(instead of) sent-I shall give you money in lieu of the lost book.

Lavish-mean-(liberal, wasteful) sent-He came to a grief because of his lavish spending habits.

Lucid-mean-(easily understood) sent-He gave a lucid lecture on the causes of inflation.

Ludicrous-mean-(laughable, ridiculous) sent-Everybody condemned her ludicrous remarks against her friends.

Lunar-mean-(pertaining to moon) sent-Lunar eclipse is caused when the earth comes between the sun and the moon.

Levity-mean-(light heartedness) sent-His staff always treats his orders with levity.

Languor-mean-(lassitude, depression) sent-On summer afternoons were generally feel languor.

Laconic-mean-(brief) sent-Though her speech was laconic, yet it was lucid.

Lethargic-mean-(lazy) sent-After busy schedule during the day he felt languid and lethargic.

Laudable-mean-(commendable) sent-The success achieved by him in such a short period is really laudable.

Loathe-mean-(detest, hate) sent-He always loathes dishonest means.

Lair-mean-(den, resting place) sent-The tiger was in the lair when hunter arrived.

Lascivious-mean-(lustful) sent-(The market is flooded with lascivious books.

Lethal-mean-(deadly) sent-The proliferation of lethal weapons do not body well for the future of mankind.

Mammoth-mean-(huge, gigantic) sent-A mammoth rally was held to protest against the increase in the cases of kidnappings and murders.

Menace-mean-(danger, threat) sent-Terrorism is a potential menace to the integrity of the country.

Mascot-mean-(object likely to be lucky) sent-Appu was the mascot of the Asian Games held in India in 1982.

Magnate-mean-(person of prominence) sent-Jamshedji Tata was a steel magnate of India.

Malign-mean-(speak evil of, defame) sent-We malign others because wer are jealous of them.

Menial-mean-(suitable for servants, servile) sent- Many men consider women suitable only for menial jobs.

Manipulate-mean-(manage with skill) sent-Many persons are expert in manipulating excuses for their failure in life.

Manifesto-mean-(declaration of policy) sent-Most of the political parties are unable to fulfil the promises made in their election manifestos.

Marital-mean-(pertaining to marriage) sent-Marital happiness depends on the compatibility of the partners.

Morose-mean-(sullen, gloomy) sent-After his failure in the exams, he is often morose and depressed.

Mitigate-mean-(lessen, ease) sent-It is the duty of every person to mitigate the sufferings of humanity.

Momentum-mean-(speed) sent-Indian economy is yet to gain the momentum to progress in right direction.

Malicious-mean-(full of malice) sent-he is malicious by nature and always tries to belittle the efforts of his friends.

Miscreant-mean-(rowdy element) sent-He was kind to the miscreants even though he suffered at their hands.

Mundane-mean-(worldly, dull) sent-Worldly people are often concerned with mundane matters.

Melee-mean-(confused struggle, stampede) sent-In the Kumbh Fair may pilgrims were injured in the melee.

Myopic-mean-(short sighted, narrowminded) sent-Orthodox men and women are victims of myopic views about life.

Mollify-mean-(appease) sent-After exchanged of hot words the shop-keeper tried to mollify the customer.

Martinet-mean-(strict disciplinarian) sent-Our Principal is a martinet who expects everybody to carry out his orders.

Mincing-mean-(affected manner, pretentious) sent-She was walking with mincing steps and appeared ridiculous.

Mettle-mean-(courage, spirit) sent-During fight he showed mettle in the teeth of strong oppositions.

Malinger-mean-(pretend to be ill) sent-Whenever he is asked to work, he always malingers and shirks work.

Mentor-mean-(teacher) sent-In Mr. Kapoor he found a considerate and sympathetic mentor.

Macabre-mean-(gruesome, grisly) sent-This novel deals with macabre sight of carnage.

Malevolent-mean-(wishing evil, spiteful) sent-Both China and Pakistan nurse malevolent designs against India.

Mediocre-mean-(ordinary, commonplace) sent-Even mediocre students are known to have made a mark in life.

Mandatory-mean-(obligatory, compulsory) sent-The limit of expenses to be made on elections has been made mandatory for the contestants.

Meticulous-mean-(over attentive) sent-One must be meticulous in conduct while dealing with strangers.

Migratory-mean-(wandering) sent-The migratory birds cover thousands of miles to reach warmer countries.

Mishap-mean-(accident) sent-This mishap could have been averted if you had been just careful.

Mandate-mean-(order(of the people) sent-During the last elections no single party was able to secure the mandate of the majority.

Manifold-mean-(numerous, varied) sent-There are manifold advantages of discipline in schools and college.

Moot-mean-(debatable) sent-Whether reservation for women is justified or not is a moot question.

Magnitude-mean-(greatness, extent) sent-Indians are unable to comprehend the magnitude of population problem in India.

Monotony-mean-(dullness, boredom) sent-Anonymous life in the urban areas generate monotony for the residents.

Meddlesome-mean-(interfering) sent-Many marriages are ruined because of meddlesome mother-in-law.

Militate-mean-(work against) sent-The policy of appeasing everybody in life militates against one’s own interests.

Modicum-mean-(small amount) sent-There is no modicum of truth in her statement.

Memento-mean-(token, reminder, keepsake) sent-I gave him a book as a memento on his birthday.

Manifest-mean-(understandable, clear) sent-His evil intentions were manifest when he mentions the question of dowry.

Myriad-mean-(large number) sent- Myriad stars twinkle in the sky.

Noxious-mean-(harmful, offensive) sent-Emission of noxious gases causes air pollution.

Nadir-mean-(lowest point) sent-Now-a-days he is disgusted with life because he is at the nadir of his hopes.

Nostalgia-mean-(home sickness, longing for the past) sent-Soldiers often suffer from nostalgia when they are away from their homes.

Naïve-mean-(artless) sent-Being naïve she believes in all that her friends tell her.

Novice-mean-(beginner, tyro) sent-We should not expect much from him because he is just a novice in the field of marketing.

Nonchalant-mean-(unconcerned) sent-It is disgusting to note that even doctors behave nonchalantly towards the patients.

Nocturnal-mean-(of night) sent-On account of disturbance during day time the students in our hostel are accustomed to nocturnal study.

Nefarious-mean-(very wicked, unlawful) sent-The criminals should be brought to book for their nefarious activities.

Nepotism-mean-(favour to relatives) sent-Meritorious candidates always suffer on account of nepotism and favouritism pervading in the selection procedure.

Narcissism-mean-(self love & admiration) sent-Narcissism leads to selfishness in character.

Nonplus-mean-(confuse) sent-I was nonplussed when my best friends refused to stand by me in my financial crises.

Nascent-mean-(incipient, beginning) sent-The rapid growth of this commercial organization in its nascent stage is commendable.

Nexus-mean-(bond, link) sent-The nexus among criminals and politicians has brought about general erosion of moral values in our political system.

Nomadic-mean-(wandering) sent-Nomadic tribes of Rajasthan are found in every major Indian city.

Non-entity-mean-(a person of no importance) sent-A few years back he was a non-entity in politics; today he is a national leader.

Neophyte-mean-(beginner, a recent convert) sent-Though a neophyte in politics, he has tremendous hold over the principles of state craft.

Nullify-mean-(cancel) sent-The agreement made by the previous government has been nullified by the new government.

Nebulous-mean-(hazy) sent-Your ideas are too nebulous to be understand easily.

Nauseous-mean-(abominable, loathsome) sent-The sight of cruel and heartless treatment with animals is always unbearable and nauseous.

Nourishing-mean-(nutritious) sent-After her long illness, she must take nourishing diet. 

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