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Major and Important Cities of Europe Continent - World Geography

1. Hammerfest: Situated of Norwegian Sea coast, it is a port city of Norway. Fish processing facility is available here in large amount. The nearby regions catch Cod fish in huge amount.

2. Stavanger: Located at North Sea coast, it is a port town of Norway. It is an important centre for fish catching and food processing. Its coastal part is fjord, where Cod fish is caught in huge amount.

3. Oporto/Porto: Located along the banks of River Duoro and at the coast of Atlantic Ocean. It is an important port of Portugal which is also known as ‘Wine port’. The nearby regions produce Grapes in large amount, which are used to make wine.

4. Barcelona: Located at Mediterranean Sea coast, is Spain’s important port town. This city has Mediterranean climate. Tourists come here in large numbers. 1992 Olympics was held here. Here care manufacturing, textile and chemical industry have developed a lot.

5. Marseilles: Located at Mediterranean Sea coast, it is the largest port of France and second largest port of Europe. It is important trade centre of southern part of France. It is an important centre for oil refining, ship building and leather processing.

6. Le Havre: Located at the mouth of River Seine, it is an important port city of France. It is also a fishing port. Tidal energy is produced here.

7. Leipzig: Located at the coast of River Elbe, it is ancient city of Germany, which is a major centre for education and culture. Rails and roads converge here from many directions. It is a major centre for agro based industries. It is famous for making optical goods.

8. Birmingham: It is a major city of Britain’s Midland province. It is a major industrial city of Britain. It is famous for iron-steel industry. It is initial city of industrial revolution.

9. Plymouth: Important city of England which is located at Ria type of coast. It is based on ship building industry. It is a major industrial and trade town.

10. Bonn: Situated in the Rhine Valley in western Germany, it remained the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany from 1949 until the union of Germany in 1990. This beautiful city is known for German architecture.

11. Dortmund: Situated in the northern part of Germany on the bank of R. Westphalia it is an industrial city. The Dortmund Canal connects it with the Ruhr industrial region. It has the largest brewery of Europe.

12. Dundee: Situated along the east coast of Scotland, it is an important industrial centre and seaport. Dundee developed from a whaling port. It is very famous for Jute industries.

13. Sheffield: It is a famous industrial city of Britain, which is world’s largest cutley manufacturing city. This industrial city obtains Coal from Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. From here cutley is exported to different part of the world.

14. Milan: Located at the coast of River Po, it is an important city of Italy. It is also known as ‘Manchester of Italy. It is also fashion and film city of Italy. It is famous for cloth industry especially silk clothes and engineering industry.

15. Bordeaux: Located on River Garronne coast, it is an important industrial city of France. The name of western France’s famous wine ‘Bordeaux’ is taken from here. It is famous for chemicals, wine and medicine industry. It was several historical monuments.

16. Frankfurt: Located at River Rhine coast, it is an important city of Germany. Its located is important because every ship moving towards the sea passes through River Rhine. It is famous as a centre of rail engineering. Here electric trains. And chemical industries have developed. It has headquarters of many international banks.

17. Stuttgart: It is the most important city of southern part of Germany. It produces vehicles, optical and surgical goods, parts of vehicles and watches. ‘Mercedes Benz’ cars are assembled here.

18. Munich: Located on Bavarian Plateau, it is a major historical and cultural city of Southern Germany. It is also the country’s important international airport. Wine, musical instruments and photography instruments are made here.

19. Toulouse: Located in southern part of France, it is an important industrial city. Europe’s major aircraft making company is located here. Headquarters of ‘Airbus’ company is also here, which assembles the air-crafts. It is famous for chemical and engineering industry.

20. Cadiz: It is a port town located in southern part of Spain. It is famous throughout the world for the production of ‘Cork’.

21. Cannes: Located at Mediterranean Sea coast, it is a world famous city of France. It is film industry of France. Many film artists from different parts of the world, reach here in the film festival that is held every year. Mediterranean climate is found here.

22. Edinburgh: Situated along the coast of North Sea, Edinburgh is the capital seaport and resort of Scotland. This historical city represents the typical culture of the Scottish people. This city if headquarters of the British Geological Survey, Scottish office, the forestry authority and the University of Edinburgh.

23. Florence: It is city of Italy it a important historical and cultural city of Italy. This city is regarded as the world’s greatest repository of art. Its city centre is a world heritage site.

24. Turin: Located in Lombardy plains of Italy, which is known as ‘Detroit of Italy’. It is famous as a centre for making rail coaches, auto mobiles and air-crafts.

25. Venice: Located at Adriatic Sea coast, it is Italy’s ancient historical city which has been a major centre for civilization and culture. Transportation through canals is prevalent here and it is famous for boat making industry. This city is famous for glass utensils. There are many beautiful and un-comparable churches and buildings located here from architectural point of view. Tourists come here in large numbers from different part of the world.

26. Geneva: It is an important city of Switzerland which is a centre of trade and industrial activities. Headquarters of many international organizations are located here, like – World Trade Organisation, Red Cross, World Health Organisation. The hotel industry here is very much developed. Here banking services and watches are world famous.

27. Hamburg: Situated at the mouth of River Elbe, it is an important industrial city of Germany. It is famous for ship-building and marine engineering works. It is also famous for chemical industry.

28. Kiel: Located at eastern end of Kiel Canal at the Baltic Sea coast, it is a major port town of Germany. Ship-building industry here is very much developed. It is also an export centre for dairy products. It is a major educational centre of Germany.

29. Dresden: Located at the coast of River Elbe, it is an ancient historical city of Germany. It is famous for clay items. It is also famous for items of high techniques and chemical industry.

30. Naples: Located at the Mediterranean Sea coast, it is an important city of Italy. Grapes are produced here in huge quantity in its to proximate regions. Therefore, it is famous for wine and food processing industry. It is also a centre for car manufacturing and financial activities.

31. Lyons: It is a city located in southern part of France at the confluence of Rhone and Soane Rivers. It is a major silk producing centre of France.

32. Antwerp: Located at the North Sea coast, it is world’s fourth largest port. It is world’s largest diamond market and known for diamond cutting, jewellery and glass industry. It is known as the “European City of Culture”. It is also famous for dairy industry.

33. Gdansk: Located on the inlet of the Baltic sea, it is an industrial and commercial centre in northern Poland. Its main industries include ship-building and ship-repairing.

34. Hague: It is the seat of government and administrative centre of the Netherlands. The International Court of Justice is located here.

35. Wimbledon: It is a residential suburb of London. The prestigious grass lawn Tennis Championship is played at Wimbledon.

36. Rotterdam: Located at the coast of River Rhine, it is a port of Netherlands, which is the world’s largest port. It is famous for the export of Tulips. It is a high density city of Netherlands. It is known as “Europort” also. A large number of tourists visit this city throughout the year.

37. Glasgow: It is an important city located at the western coast of Britain. In is famous for iron and steel industry and ship-building industry. It is biggest industrial city of Scotland.

38. Oxford and Cambridge: These are the world famous educational towns, situated in England Province of Britain. These are also centres of British culture. Around 800 years old universities are located here. Oxford is situated on the River Thames. These are city of philosophers, thinkers, scientist and students.

39. St. Peters-burg: Located at the entrance of Baltic Sea, it is Russia’s nearly 300 years of old city. It is country’s cultural and industrial city. It has an strategic important. It is western terminal of Trans-Siberian Railway.

40. Vladivostok: Located at the coast of North Pacific Ocean, it is the most important port of eastern, part of Russia. It is eastern terminal of Trans-Siberian Railway. It is an important centre for fish, leather, matches and ship-building industry in Siberia region of the Russia.

41. Ivanovo: Situated near Moscow in Russia, it is a major industrial town. It is also called ‘Manchester of Russia’.

42. Murmansk: Located on Kola Peninsula of Russia, It is Russia’s only ice-free port on Arctic Ocean coast. It remains ice-free throughout the year as the influence of warm Norwegian Currents can be seen upto here.

43. Yarmouth: Located at the coast of River Thames, it is a British town. Located at the tidal mouth of River Thames, this town has been selected for establishing world standard time i.e., Greenwich Mean Time. It is located on 0 degree longitude. It is an important fishing port.

44. Zurich: Zurich is largest city of Switzerland which is situated at the foot of the Alps along the Lake Zurich. It is a major tourist resort and the European financial centre with an international airport. Fine watches, machine tools, scientific and surgical instruments are the main industries. This beautiful city is visited by a large number of tourists throughout the year.

45. Basel: City of Switzerland, which is located at the coast of River Rhine. From here River Rhine cuts through and enters Germany. It is famous for medicine, chemicals and surgical equipment industries.

46. Liverpool: Situated in Northwest England, it is an important seaport and commercial centre of U.K. In the 17th century, it was major slave trade centre from Africa. The main industries of Liverpool include cotton and woollen textiles.

47. Manchester: Situated in the central part of England, it is an industrial and commercial city of U.K. Its main industries include cotton and woollen textiles. 


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