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Major and Important Cities of South America Continent - World Geography

1. Valparaiso: It is a major city of Chile, where Mediterranean type of climate is found. It is a major centre of oil refining, petrochemicals and wine production. It is amongst the leading wine producing centre of the southern hemisphere and western most railhead of Trans-Continental Railway. 

2. Arica: Located in North part of the Chile, it is the driest place in the world. Once a Nitrate mining centre, now exhausted and uninhabited, hence turned into a Ghost city. Went for 16 years without rainfall and received only 3cm of rainfall in 31 years. 

3. Chuquicamata: located in north part of the Chile, is the world’s largest copper producing city, which is located at the Bolivian border. Sodium Nitrate fertilizer is produced here in huge amount. 

4. Punta Arenas: This city is located in far south of Chile and is the world’s southern most inhabited city. It is an important region for oil reserves. Its climate condition is very harsh. 

5. Lquique: It is a town of Chile which is located to the south of Arica city. It is famous for copper production. The Copper and Nitrate etc. are obtained from here are exported in large amounts. 

6. Guayaquil: Located along the Pacific Ocean coast, it is the largest port town of Equador. It is also known by the name of ‘Pearl of the Pacific’.

7. Rosario: It is a town of Argentina which is a ‘Wheat Creascent’. It forms a conurbation along with Buenos Aires. Many big modern ‘Frigorificos’ are located here. It is a centre for production and export of meat. 

8. Bahia Blanca: It is a town of Argentina. It is a major town of ‘Wheat Creascent’ of Pampas.  

9. ABCD Cities: This is a collective name given to the four industrial towns of Sao Poulo in the south-eastern Brazil. The ABCD towns stand for Santo Andre, Sao Bernardo, Sao Caetano, and Sao Diadema. These towns are knowns for the industries of Coffee-processing, textile, engineering goods and timber. 

10. Porto Alegre: Located in southern part of Brazil, it is a major town and port. It is a major centre for cultural activities. 

11. Belo Horizonte: It is a major internal town of Brazil. Normally, it is known for beautiful sceinery. It has large reserves of Iron ore. 

12. Sao Paulo: It is a city of Brazil which is the largest urban agglomeration of the southern hemisphere. It is largest city in S. America. It is the most important centre of coffee trade and meat packing. According to an estimate, its population would reach 50 million by 2025 AD. It is the leading commercial, industrial and cultural city of South America. It has the largest Coffee market in the world. 

13. Rio De Janerio: Located on Bay of Guanabara, it is a beautiful and green city. It is also known as ‘Magnificent City’ and ‘White City’. It is in famous throughout the world for slums, consuming drugs and crimes. Slums localities in the city which are known a ‘fevelas’. It is famous for ‘Samba Dance’. It is an important port of the country. It is also famous for its beautiful and wide beaches.

14. Santos: It is a major city and port of Brazil. It is country’s largest coffee exporting port. Therefore, it is also known as ‘Coffee Port’. It is an outport of Sao Paulo. It is one of the largest seaport in Brazil handling about 50% of the total export and Import. 

15. Manaus: Located on the confluence of River Amazon and its tributary Negro, it is Brazil’s major inland port. It represents Equatorial lowland climate. Its near by regions is mainly centres or rubber plantation. 

16. Belem: Located near the mouth of River Amazon, it is a major town of Brazil. It is a major port town of Amazon basin for the export of Coca and Rubber, timber, vegetable oil and agricultural products. It has agro-based industries, like-Rubber, nuts, timber, paper, pulp, fish vegetable oils and food processing. 

17. Recife: It is a town of Brazil. It is country’s major port. It is famous for export of Sugar.

18. Maracaibo: Situated along the coast of Maracaibo lake, it is important city of Venezuela. It is famous for oil refining. 

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