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Major and Important Mountain Peaks of the World and their Location - World Geography

1. Mt. Mckinley: Situated in Alaska range, it is the highest peak of Rockies and North America. Its heights is 6194 m. It has been created due to folding. The slopes of this snow capped peak have very sparse population of Red Indians. 

2. Mt. Logan: Situated in Coast Mountain in Alaska, it is the second highest peak of North America. Its height in 6050m. It is in Canada. The slopes of this snow capped peak have very sparse population of Red Indians. 

3. Mt. Whitney: Situated in Sierra Nevada Range, it is the highest peak of U.S.A. Its height is 4418 m. 

4. Mt. Mitchel: It is situated in Appalachian Mountain system. It is the highest peak of this system, which is in ‘Blue Ridge Mountain. It is rich in Coal and Iron-Ore. 

5. Mt. Aconcagua: Aconcagua is highest peak of Andes. It is situated between Chile and Argentina. Its height is 7021 m above sea level. It is snow capped extinct volcano. It is vertical zones in its natural vegetation ranging from the deciduous forest at the foothills, Pine and Fir above 2000m and Alpine pasture at higher altitude. 

6. Mt. Chimborazo: It is third highest peak of Andes. It is 6267 m high above sea level. It is located in Ecuador. Several hill resorts have been developed on the lower slopes of the Chimborazo volcano. 

7. Mt. Cotopaxi: Located in Ecuador, it is world’s highest active volcanic peak. It is located in Andes Mountain range it is 5896 m high above sea level. 

8. Mt. Blanc: Located in south-eastern France, it is the highest peak of the Alps. It height is 4807m. It is second highest peak of Europe. 

9. Mt. Kosciusko: It is the highest peak of Australia located in Great Dividing Range. Its height is 2230m above sea level. Its surroundings have been converted in the national park. 

10. Mt. Cook: It is the highest peak of ‘Southern Alps’ located on South Island of New Zealand. Its height is 3465 m above sea level. It is a ice capped peak its slopes are covered with various type of vegetation. 

11. Mt. Everest: It is the highest peak of the world, located in Great Himalayas. It is located on the frontier of Nepal and China. Its height is 8850m. It was first climbed by Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay in 1953. 

12. Mt. Kenya: It is the highest peak of Kenya and second highest peak of Africa. It is made by volcanic activity. Its height is 5200m. Its slopes are utilized for the cultivation of Coffee, Banana, Pineapple and Maize. 

13. Mt. Merapi: It is situated near the city of Yogyakarta in the Java Island of Indonesia. This volcano erupted thrice on 26th oct. 2010 emitting searing clouds and volcanic ash.

14. Mt. Damavand: It is highest peak of Elburz Mountain in Iran. Its height is 5604m above the sea level. It is Tertiary folded Mountain. Its slopes are covered by the Alpine pastures and coniferous and deciduous forest. 

15. Mt. Isa: It is situated in the Queensland State of Australia. Mt. Isa is known for the rich deposits of Lead, Zinc and Silver. 

16. Mt. Kilimanjaro: It is the highest peak of Africa which is 5895m high. Despite being only 322 km away from the Equator, its peak is covered with ice throughout the year. Coffee, Banana, Pineapple are intensively cultivated on its slopes. 

17. Mt. Cameroon: An important active volcanic mountain of Africa, which is located in coastal region of Cameroon. It has huge reserves of Iron-Ore. The neighbouring slope of Mt. Cameroon is the wettest place in Africa. Its height is 4070 m. 

18. Mt. Ruwenzori: It is located near Albert lake in Zaire. It is also known as “Mountain of the Moon”. 

19. Mt. Elbrus: It is highest peak of Caucasus and also the highest peak of Europe. Its height is 5642m it was made during Tertiary period. The valley are rich in Alpine pasture. 

20. Mt. Fujiyama: It is located on Honshu island of Japan. It is a volcanic peak. Its height is 3776m. Its atmosphere is so peaceful and attractive that it is called ‘Heaven’ by Japanese people. 

21. Mt. Kanchenjunga: Located on Indo-Nepal boundary, it is an important peak of Great Himalayas. Its slope is very steep and therefore, it is very dangerous to climb. Its summit is split into five peaks and its name in Tibetan language Means ‘the Fire Treasures of the Snows’. The Tista River has its source from the southern slopes of the Kanchenjunga Mountain. 

22. Mt. Pidurutalagala: It is the highest mountain peak of Sri Lanka. Its height is 2524 m. above sea level. Many small rivers rise from here and flow in all directions. 

23. Mt. Toubkal: This is the highest peak of the Atlas Mountain of Morocco. Its height is 4165 m It is covered by coniferous forest. The sheep and goat keepers practice transhumance along the slope of this peak. 

24. Mount Waddington: Located in the coast range of Canada, the height of this Mount is 4042 m above the sea level. Having enormous size of valley glaciers, its slopes are occupied by the Red Indian Tribes. 

25. Mt. Mauna Loa: This is active volcano on the Hawaii Island. Its height is 4169 m above the sea level. It is one of the highest active volcanoes in the world. Its lava is highly viscous.

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