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Major and Important Plateaus of the World - World Geography

1. Laurentian Plateau: Lying to eastern part of Canada. It is a part of Canadian Shield. It is made of Pre-Cambrian rocks and contains reserves of various types of metallic minerals. Fine quality of iron-ore is found here. 

2. Yukon-Kushok Un Plateau: It is lying between Brooks Range and Alaska Mountain. It is an example of international plateau which has been divided into many parts by many rivers. 

3. Columbia-Snake Plateau: It is situated in Washington state of U.S.A. between Washington and Cascade Mountain. It is an example of basaltic-lava plateau. River Columbia and its tributary Snake meet in this plateau. The ‘Grand Coulee Dam’ and ‘Bonneville Dam’ on River Columbia is constructed on this plateau region. 

4. Colorado Plateau: It is lying to western part of U.S.A., This plateau is an example of intermontane plateau, which is a rocky landscape. Mesas and buttes are found here at many places. It is an example of young plateau. 

5. Mexican Plateau: It is lying in Mexico between Sierra Madre Occidental and Sierra Madre Oriental. In some parts, basin and range type of landform are found. ‘Mexico City’ is situated on this plateau. Different types of metallic minerals, like-Silver, Copper etc., are obtained from here. Therefore, it is called ‘Mineral Store’. World’s biggest silver mine Chihuahua is situated in the plateau. 

6. Patagonia Plateau: It is a Piedmont plateau lying in southern part of Argentina. It is a rain shadow desert plateau. It is an important region for sheep grazing. It is also rich in mineral oil. The people here are tallest (6.10 feet) in the world. It is a Piedmont type of plateau. 

7. Altiplano: It is a situated in Bolivia, which is also known as the name of ‘Bolivian Plateau’. It is an intermontane plateau which is located between two ranges of Andes Mountain. It is a major area of Tin reserves. Capital of Bolivia La Paz and Sucre are situated on this plateau. 

8. Siam Plateau: It is lying to north-western part of Thailand. It is a highly dissected plateau. River Mekong flows in its east and River Salween in its west part. Teak Forests and found on this plateau. 

9. Ahaggar Plateau: A small plateau located in Algeria. Many tribes, displaced due to fight between Tuareg and Fulani, have taken refuge here. 

10. Tarim Basin: The basin of Tarim River lies in the Xinjiang (Sinkiang) which is an autonomous region of western China. It lies between the Kunlun and the Tien Shan Mountains. The desert of Taklamakan also lies within the Tarim Basin. 

11. Dzungarian Basin: Located to the north of the Tien Shan Mountain and to the South of the Altai Mountain, it is cold semi-arid basin. 

12. Bie Plateau: Lies in the central part of Angola. It is rich source of various type of minerals. 

13. Mato Grosso Plateau: It is lying in highlands of Brazil. It has reserves of many minerals. It is an important region for coal mining, coffee plantation and cattle grazing. Manganese is found here in huge amounts. 

14. Tibetan Plateau: It is surrounded by Himalaya and Kunlun Shan ranges. It is world’s highest (around 5000 m.) plateau. It is also world’s largest plateau. It is instrumental in origin of Indian Monsoon. A large number of lakes are found here. It is also originating place for many Asian rivers, like-Indus, Sutlej, Mekong, Salween etc. 

15. Armenian Plateau: It is lying between Black Sea and Caspian Sea. It is also called ‘Armenian Knot’, because just like the Pamir Knot, many mountain ranges diverge from here. 

16. Shan Plateau: It is lying to eastern Myanmar between Pegu Yoma and Arakan Yoma Mountains. River Salween flow through this plateau. Mainly this region has reserves of precious stones (Ruby), Silver Lead, Tin and Tungsten. World’s finest Teaks are found here. Chindwin River is originates from here. 

17. Massif Central: This plateau lies in middle of France. It is famous for Grapes cultivation and obtaining various minerals. It covers almost 16% of the total area of France. It rises to a height of 1887 m at Puy de Nancy. 

18. Anatolia Plateau: Also known as Asia Minor, Anatolia constitute the central part of Turkey. It is an intermontane plateau lying between Pontiac and Taurus Mountain ranges in Turkey. It is a large plateau broken by volcanic fragments. Tigris-Euphrates Rivers flow through this plateau. Precious wool producing Angora goat are found here. The national capital of Turkey (Ankara) is located on this plateau. Anatolia Plateau is a plateau having undulating topography.

19. Bohemian Plateau (Bohemian Forest): This plateau lying in southern part of Germany and Czech Republic. Many German cities and capital of Czech Republic, Prague are situated on it. It is rich in many minerals. In the winter season, it remain covered with ice and snow. This is covered with evergreen and deciduous forests, social foresting is being planted on the slopes of this plateau to make ecosystem of this Mountain healthy and sustainable.

20. Korat Plateau: The Korat plateau, lying to north-eastern part of Thailand. This plateau is made of red sand stone. Due to thick forests, this plateau is different from other parts of Thailand. Its average height is 300 metres. It is famous for cultivation of Maize and coarse grains. 

21. Potwar Plateau: It is situated in northern plateau (Punjab) region of Pakistan. Its average height is about 300 meters. ‘Salt Range’ is located on it. Chakwal, Kaur, Dhulian and Bikasar are major oil field of this plateau. 

22. Ozark Plateau: Situated in U.S.A., it is a dome shaped plateau. It is a plateau covered with dense forest. Ozark Plateau is rich in Copper, Zinc, Lead, Bismuth, Limestone, Tungsten and building material. The city of Memphis is located in the Ozark Plateau. 

23. Kimberley Plateau: Lying to northern part of Australia and also known as ‘Kimberly A’. This plateau is made of volcanic eruption. Many metallic minerals are found here, like-Iron, Gold, Head, Zinc and Silver. Diamond is also found here. It is a mining and cattle rearing region of northwest Australia. Sparsely populated, it is inhabited by the Aboriginals who are still in the hunting and food gathering stage. Its mining cities include Broome, Derby and Hall Creek.

24. Spanish Plateau: It is situated in the middle of Spain. It is a lava plateau made of volcanic activity. It is famous for many metallic minerals. Iron is produced here in large amount. 

25. Yunnan Plateau: It is lying to the south-east of Tibetan Plateau and is separated from the fertile plains of Sichuan by a mountain range. It is a major region for coal production. Its main crop include Rice Maize, Wheat, Tobacco, Sugarcane, Coffee, Tea, Rubber and Banana. 

26. Loess Plateau: It is in China surrounded by a large plain in the east, Qinling Mountain in the south and Ordos Plateau in the north. It is made of fin particles brought by the wind, which in the form of lime containing loamy soil is extremely productive. 

27. Katanga Plateau: It is lying in Congo. It is world famous for copper production. Apart from this, Cobalt, Uranium, Zinc, Cadmium, Silver, Germanium, Gold and Tin are also mined here. 

28. Karoo Plateau: Lying to in southern part of South Africa, it is a semi desertic plateau Great Karoo and Little Karoo are the two plateau situated here. It is famous for animal rearing. 

29. Jos Plateau: A plateau situated in Nigeria, which is rich in tin deposits. Nigerian city, Kano, is located on this plateau. 

30. Bavarian Plateau: This plateau is spread in southern part of Germany. Germany’s major city ‘Munich’ is located on it.

31. Wadah Plateau: It is situated in Chad. Due to discovery of Uranium, the economic activities here have become intense. 

32. Barkly Plateau: This plateau is spread in north Province of Australia, which is famous for mineral resources, especially Uranium, Copper and Lead. It is characterized with nutritious grasses and cattle ranches (Station) which are bred here.

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