Monday, December 15, 2014

Major BAUXITE Producing Mines and Regions of the World - World Geography

1. Weipa: Located at the east coast of Gulf of Carpentaria at Cape York Peninsula in Australia. It is world’s largest bauxite mine. It is in Cape York region. Country’s 25% Bauxite production is from here. 

2. Geevthan: It is in Cape York region of Queensland in Australia. Country’s 25% bauxite production is from here. 

3. Conakry: It is Guinea’s world famous bauxite producing mine. Thick seams of bauxite are here. Most of the production is in the hinterland of Conakry Port. The Bauxite obtained from here is exported. 

4. Yenahin: It is a bauxite mine of Ghana having large extent. From here, Bauxite is exported in large amount.

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