Thursday, December 11, 2014

Major Coal Producing Mines and Regions of World - World Geography

1. Donbas: It is also called Donetsk Basin. It is situated in Ukraine. Earlier (during erstwhile Soviet Union) it used to produce half of the Coal. High quality Bituminous Coal is found here. The Coal requirements of industrial regions of Ukraine Moscow and Donetsk are met from here. 

2. Kuzbas: It is also calle Kuznetsk Basin. It is situated in Russia and it country’s largest coal producing region. The coal seams are found near to the land surface due to which mining is easy. From here, Coal is sent to Ural industrial region. 

3. Karaganda: It is located to the north of Lake Balkhash in Kazakhstan. 8% of Kazakhstan’s Coal is obtained from here. Most of the Coal obtained from here is of Bituminous type. Most of the Coal of this region is sent Ural industrial region. 

4. Pichora Basin: It is a major coal region of the Siberian region of Russia. Coal production started here in 1930. Due to cold climatic conditions, mining here is a difficult task. 

5. Ruhr Basin: Located between Ruhr and Lippi Rivers of Germany, the length of this region is about 70 Km and the breadth is around 15km. High quality Bituminous Coal is found here. This region produces 75% coal of western part of Germany. 

6. Silecia: It is the major coal region of Poland. Bituminous coal is found here. Silecia industrial region gets Coal from here. 

7. Compine: It is major coal region of Belgium. Many new coal fields have been discovered here. 

8. Pennine Range: It is Britain’s major coal region. Most of the Britain’s coal is obtained from Durham, Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Lancashire, Cumberland etc. which are located near this range. 

9. Appalachian Coal Region: It is the largest coal producing region of U.S.A. and produces about 45% of the country’s coal. Good quality Anthracite and Bituminous coal is obtained from this region. The complete Anthracite Coal of the country is found in Pennsylvania. 

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