Monday, December 15, 2014

Major MANGANESE Producing Mines and Regions of the World - World Geography

1. Postmassburg: Located in Cape State of South Africa, it is a major manganese producing centre. 

2. Moanda: Located near Frankville in Gabon, it is a world famous manganese mine. The reserves found here are counted amongst the biggest reserves of the world. Around 20 crore tones of protected reserves are here. About 40-50% metal is found in the ore here. 

3. Menas Gerais, Matto Grasso and Bahia: These are Brazil’s most important manganese producing region. High quality Manganese is found in Minas Gerais, where Oropretto is an important mining centre. Large amount of Manganese obtained from here is exported to U.S.A. 

4. Darling Range: It is located in Western Australia province of Australia. It is Australia’s major manganese producing range. The Manganese obtained from here is exported to U.S.A. and Europe. 

5. Nicopol: It is an important manganese producing centre of Ukraine situated to the north of Black Sea. Its extent is upto 20 sq. km and the metal seams are upto 2 metres thick. 

6. Amapa: In the north of Amazon River in Brazil, Manganese is produced on a large scale in Amapa Mines. The manganese reserves here are situated at River Abhapari. 

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