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Major Peninsulas of the World and their Location - World Geography

1. Florida Peninsula: Important state of U.S.A., Florida Peninsula and surrounded by Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic ocean is located on it. This peninsula is world famous for its beautiful beaches and ice-cream industry. It has huge reserves of Phosphate. Karst landforms are present in this peninsula because limestone is dominant here. 

2. Yucatan Peninsula: Surrounded by Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea, it is an important peninsular region of Mexico. Silver is produced here on a large scale. Tourism industry has developed a lot in its coastal parts. It has also been the centre for ancient Maya civilization. Merida and Cancun cities are situated on this peninsula. 

3. Alaska Peninsula: It is a mountain and plateau region of U.S.A. it has huge reserves of Gold, copper, Tin and petroleum. Here many volcanoes and fumaroles are found. It is a very important from strategic view of point, because it can be used to keep surveillance on Asia. It has many wildlife parks. 

4. Iberian Peninsula: It is an important peninsula of Europe, on which Spain and Portugal are situated. It is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean in west and Mediterranean Sea in the south and east. It is made of ancient hard rocks. ‘Spanish Meseta’ is major plateau on it. Mountains like Cantabrian, Sierra Morena and Sierra Nevada, are located on it. Metallic minerals, especially Iron and Mercury are found in large amount on this peninsula. Grapes and Olives are cultivated a lot on this peninsula. 

5. Jutland Peninsula: It is situated between North Sea and Baltic Sea. It is 400 Km long. Denmark is situated on it. It is world famous for dairy industry. Its southern parts is in under Germany control. However, it has great strategic and geopolitical significance. 

6. Kola Peninsula: Situated in Arctic Ocean, it is part of Russia. This peninsula is famous for Bauxite production. ‘Murmansk’, the only sea port of Russia which is opened for all 12 months, is located on this peninsula. The deepest hole in the Earth (about 12 km) was made on the Kola Peninsula by the Russian scientists. 

7. Ungava Peninsula: It is situated between Hudson Bay and Ungava Bay. It is an important region of Canada. It is very rich in mineral resources, like-Iron-Ore and Nickel. Due to influence of cold Labrador Current, the human population here is very less. This region is highest deposits of ‘Drumlins’. Having the sparse population of Eskimos this peninsula remains covered by snow at least for six month in the winter season. Personnel 

8. Sinai Peninsula: situated in West Asia, it is part of Egypt. This part has been cut to constructed the world famous Suez Canal. This peninsula is famous for the production of mineral oil and date palm. Tourism has also developed here a lot. In its south is the Mt. Sinai where according to ‘Bible’ and Holy Quran the ‘Ten commandment and the Tables of Law’ were given of Moses. 

9. Crimea Peninsula: Located in Black Sea, it is an important region of Ukraine, which is diamond shaped. It is famous for the production of mineral oil and Iron-Ore. Its culture is an amalgamation of different ethnic group. Its main sea port, Sevastopol, remains open throughout the year. 

10. Cape York Peninsula: It is located in Queensland State of Australia. It spreads between Gulf of Carpentaria and Coral Sea. It is world famous for Bauxite production. Australia’s world famous ‘Weipa mine’ is situated here, which produces maximum Bauxite in the world. 

11. Palmer Peninsula: Part of Antarctica, which lies in South Atlantic Ocean. It is only part from South America by Drake Passage. 

12. Shandong Peninsula: It is important region of China situated between Gulf of Bohai and Yellow Sea. It is rich in iron-ore and Coal. 

13. Kamchatka Peninsula: It is situated between Bering Sea and Okhotsk Sea. It is an extremely cold peninsula due to impact of Oyashio cold current. Many active volcanoes and hot springs are found on it. It has great strategic importance for Russia. Inhabited by the primitive tribes of the Yellow Race. 

14. Mahia Peninsula: It is situated in eastern part of North Island of New Zealand. It is mainly a plateau region. Dairy industry has developed here a lot. 

15. Bank’s Peninsula: It is situated on South Island of New Zealand. Dairy industry and sheep breeding have developed here a lot. 

16. Chukchi Peninsula: It is a part of Russia surrounded by Arctic Ocean. This region has Tundra vegetation. There are immense possibilities of finding natural gas here. 

17. Scandinavian Peninsula: A large peninsula of northern part of Europe, on which countries, like-Norway and Sweden, are situated. Kjollen Mountain spread in its central part, which act as watershed. Many small rivers originate from here. Fjords are found in its western parts. 

18. Nova-Scotia Peninsula: Surrounded by Atlantic Ocean, it is a peninsula of Canada, which is connected to mainland through Isthmus of Chignecto. It is famous for Apple production. 

19. Arabian Peninsula: It is a desertic peninsula located in far south of West Asia. It is one amongst the world’s lowest populated regions. But it is most rich in petroleum reserves. ‘Rub-ul-Khali’ desert is located on it. 

20. Baja Peninsula: Belonging to Mexico, it is an arid and mountains peninsula. Tourism is developing along the Pacific Ocean coast land of this peninsula. 

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