Saturday, December 20, 2014

Major Plains of the World and their Location - World Geography

1. Lombardy Plain: It lies along the Alps Mountain in northern part of Italy. Made of alluvial soil, it is Italy’s most important and productive plain. Italy’s Ganga ‘River Po’ flows in this plain. Many cities of Italy are located in this plain area. It is also Europe’s largest Rice producing area. 

2. Andalusian Plain: It is lying to southern part of Spain. Grapes, fruits, Olive, Orange etc. are cultivated here. River Guadalquivir flows in this plain. Many cities of Spain, like-Cadiz and Seville, are located in this plain. 

3. Kwanto Plain: It is lying to the eastern part of Honshu Island of Japan. It is Japan’s extremely productive and industrial region. Country’s most important cities are located in this plain, like- Tokyo, Kawasaki, Yokohama etc. 

4. Kinki and Toguchi Plains: it is a major plains lies on Honshu Island of Japan. It is Japan’s major industrial region. 

5. Manchurian Plain: Lying in north-eastern China, it is a productive plain made of alluvial soil. Iron and steel industry has developed here a lot. Anshan is located in this plain. 

6. Nullarbor Plain: It is lying in southern Australia. It is a lowland region of Australia. It has many limestone-containing plateaus. ‘Trans Australian Railway’ passes through this area. 

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