Friday, December 19, 2014

New paradigms in public administration according to Frederickson

Ques.19. “New paradigms in public administration do not look at the discipline from a fresh perspective but merely rehash the old concepts”. Critically evaluate.

Ans. This statement in my view is not 100% correct. With changing times no discipline can be stagnant and same is the case with PA

Arguments in favour –

Old and new theories of PA have relied on bureaucratic institutions. Principles of Hierarchy, Authority, Centralization and Control have been present in both but their magnitude has been milder in the new one.

Arguments in opposition –

Traditional public administration was rule bound in nature. In the period of 1890 to 1938 many theories were propounded to increase the efficiency of industrial process. But it was observed that after some times these theories were becoming inefficient so Human Relation School of thought and Behavioural approach of PA came forward to remove the deficiencies. Then to remove the Hippy Culture in the USA, New Public Administration came out as an outcome of 1st Minnow brook and after some time in view of development NPM came forward.

So we can definitely sum up that in order to cope up with changing conditions the perspectives of PA also changed with the exception of basic structural and bureaucratic organization which were needed to implement the fresh perspectives. As the complexities of Public Administration will increase in future so will the need to change the way we govern but it does not mean that our Parliamentary govt. will convert to Presidential one.

Ques.20. “A public administration which fails to work for changes which tries to redress the deprivation of minorities will likely be eventually used to repress those minorities” Frederickson. Evaluate with respect to the importance of values in public administration.

Ans. The justification to the above statement concerning minorities has already been given in the history of Public Administration in the decade of 1950 and 60’s. In the starting before the advent of NPM and NPA, there was widespread corruption, nepotism, favouritism etc. At that time P.A. was entrusted with the task of maintenance of law and order but the value based concept of social justice and social change were entirely missing. It was only after the radical reforms undertaken at 1st Minnowbrook in 1968 that NPA came up and value, equity, change and relevance were set to be the benchmarks. This is the proof that reforms and change conditions and circumstances are essential because people with power never want to leave it and will try to bring their near and dear ones to power which will marginalize the depressed minority people further.

In addition to reforms in governance the officials governing should be imbued with the values of equity and honesty. They should have an inbuilt concern for minorities and they should consider it their duty to work for their betterment.

So change in governance structures and value thinking of officials need to be changed for the good and betterment of the minorities otherwise they would be repressed forever in one way or other.

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