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O,P Alphabet Words Meaning and Usage in Sentences - Learn English

Below are the words starting with O,P alphabet. The meanings of the words are given in the bracket after the word mean and their usage in sentence in given after the word sent.

Overt-mean-(open) sent-The trampling of national flag is an overt act of treason.

Obnoxious-mean-(harmful, nasty) sent-She behaved obnoxiously with her daughter-in-law.

Opulence-mean-(luxury, wealth) sent-The foreign travellers to America admire the opulence of that country.

Obsession-mean-(fixed idea) sent-His obsession with amassing wealth has made him miserly and greedy.

Ostensible-mean-(apparent, obvious) sent-The ostensible purpose of her visit was to borrow money, though she came to see me.

Ornate-mean-(decorated) sent-Ornate style of his essay appears to be artificial.

Outskirts-mean-(outlying) sent-The cantonment is situated just on the outskirts of the city.

Officious-mean-(trying to please) sent-Beware of officious subordinates because they are parasites.

Opportune-mean-(timely, well chosen) sent-One should wait for the opportune moment to strike a bargain.

Obliterate-mean-(wipe out) sent-The whole village was obliterated by continued shelling of Pakistani troops.

Odious-mean-(repulsive, contemptible) sent-Leaving my friends in the lurch is quite odious for me.

Overture-mean-(first move) sent-The overture on the part of here husband for reconciliation met with no response from her.

Obsolete-mean-(out moded) sent-Snobs are never interested in obsolete fashion.

Ostracize-mean-(ex-communicate) sent-He was ostracized by the elders of the village for marrying the girl of the other community.

Oblivion-mean-(forgetfulness) sent-The famous film-personalities of the past are forced to lead a life of oblivion in their old age.

Obese-mean-(fat) – Obese persons are generally prone to heart attack.

Onerous-mean-(burdensome) sent-The work allotted to him was so onerous that he needed an assistant.

Ostentations-mean-(fond of displaying) sent-She is disliked for her ostentations behaviour towards her friends and colleagues.

Oscillate-mean-(waver) sent-Persons with oscillating nature never stick to one option.

Penchant-mean-(strong inclination) sent-She has strong penchant for singing and dancing.

Pithy-mean-(concise, meaningful) sent-The essays of Francis Bacon are read all over the world because they are pithy and profound in their meaning.

Paltry-mean-(insignificant, petty) sent-Strangely enough, the two friends quarreled over paltry amount.

Pecuniary-mean-(pertaining to money) sent-Besides pecuniary loss in business he had to suffer humiliation in society.

Perpetual-mean-(everlasting) sent-Neither joys nor sorrows are perpetual in life.

Plaintive-mean-(mournful) sent-The plaintive notes of Nightingle were heard in the forest.

Pragmatic-mean-(practical) sent-India should adopt pragmatic foreign policy to suit the need of the country.

Pedantic-mean-(Showing off learning) sent-The scholars try to show off their learning by using pedantic ideas.

Perjury-mean-(false testimony) sent-American President was indicted for perjury.

Pre-requisite-mean-(pre-condition) sent-Hard work is pre-requisite to success in life.

Paradox-mean-(contradictory) sent-That the virtuous don’t prosper materially is a paradox of life.

Parsimonious-mean-(mean, frugal) sent-he is extravagant but his wife is parsimonious.

Perusal-mean-(careful study) sent-I am sending a copy of the agreement for your perusal.

Prodigal-mean-(wasteful) sent-The sons of the rich are generally prodigal and waste money on luxuries of life.

Prolific-mean-(fruitful, productive) sent-Shakespeare was a prolific playwright.

Pamper-mean-(spoil by flattering) sent-In Indian families the only son is pampered and spoil by his mother.

Promulgate-mean-(official proclamation) sent-The ordinance for the reservation of women in legislature will be promulgated soon.

Penury-mean-(extreme poverty) sent-More than half of population in India is forced to lead a life of penury resulting in untold sufferings.

Purview-mean-(scope, extent) sent-The reason for the murder of the gangster are not within the purview of the inquiry committee.

Profane-mean-(desecrate) sent-We must respect every religion and never try to profane the sanctity of holy places.

Pseudonym-mean-(assumed name) sent-Charles Lamb wrote his essays under the pseudonym of Elia.

Precocious-mean-(mature before time) sent-The precocious children need careful bringing up by their parents.

Placid-mean-(calm, peaceful) sent-The placid atmosphere of the hill station had salutary effect on his mind and body.

Plagiarism-mean-(theft of ideas or writing) sent-The Indian film directors are notorious for indulging in plagiarism.

Posterity-mean-(future generations) sent-The posterity will not pardon the present politicians for their acts of omission and commission.

Paragon-Mean-(model of perfection) sent-Sita is always depicted as a paragon of ideal and virtuous woman.

Provident-mean-(providing for future) sent-We should spend in provident manner so as to lay by something for future emergency.

Perquisite-mean-(perks, gain above stipulated salary) sent-Though the salary offered by the company is not high, the perquisite are quite handsome.

Prone-mean-(inclined to (disorder) sent-Indian farming is prone to uncertainty because of the fickleness of Monsoons.

Pandemonium-mean-(wild disorder) sent-There was pandemonium in Parliament over the objectionable remarks made by a member of the opposition party.

Parasite-mean-(living on another) sent-Flatterers are considered to be parasites because their existence depends on sycophancy.

Patrimony-mean-(inheritance from father) sent-Though his father left huge patrimony, he squandered it within a year or so.

Perennial-mean-(lasting) sent-The rivers originating in the Himalayas are perennial.

Poignant-mean-(touching, sharp) sent-The poignant cries of the orphaned children moved everybody present at the funeral.

Pungent-mean-(stinging, strong) sent-The cigarettes of inferior brands have pungent smell.

Paucity-mean-(scarcity, dearth) sent-As he reached the pinnacle of his career he parted from all those who stood by him in difficulties.

Pernicious-mean-(destructive, injurious) sent-Obscene magazines have pernicious effect on the impressionable minds of the youth.

Prerogative-mean-(privilege, unquestionable) sent-It is the prerogative of the PM to constitute his cabinet.

Parochial-mean-(narrow in view point) sent-All the political parties rise above parochial considerations when the security of the country is threatened.

Precedent-mean-(earlier example) sent-The speaker cited many precedents for not allowing the opposition member to raise a question of that nature.

Piquant-(pleasantly tasting) sent-The piquant sauce makes food always enjoyable.

Preposterous-mean-(absurd, ridiculous) sent-He always offers such preposterous excuses that nobody believes him.

Precarious-mean-(uncertain, risky) sent-The patient is in a precarious condition because so far he has not recovered consciousness.

Predilection-mean-(partiality for) sent-He is a good player but his predilection for scoring fast has not proved good for him.

Proclivity-mean-(inclination) sent-Some employees are never satisfied because they have proclivity to complain.

Pertinent-mean-(suitable, to the point) sent-Please don’t beat about the bush, come to pertinent point.

Precursor-mean-(forerunner, pioneer) sent-Surendra Nath Bannerjee was precursor of Indian National Movement.

Pariah-mean-(social outcast) sent-When he married a girl of his own choice, he came to be considered a pariah by his family.

Perverse-mean-(stubborn, intractable) sent-She could not pull well with her husband because of her perverse nature.

Ponder-mean-(think) sent-Before taking hasty step you must ponder over the consequence of your action.

Passing-mean-(transitory) sent-Don’t be proud of your beauty because it is passing in nature.

Plebeian-mean-(of low rank) sent-Shakespeare treated plebeian with contempt in his plays.

Pensive-mean-(thoughtful) sent-She was in a pensive mood and looked intently at the placid water of the lake.

Puerile-mean-(silly, childish) sent-Though she has grown up, her puerile behaviour always irritates her friends.

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