Saturday, December 20, 2014

Prominent and Major CAPES of the World and their Location - World Geography

1. Cape Canaveral: It is port of Florida State of U.S.A., which is situated in North Atlantic Ocean. NASA headquarters is located here. It is the located of the ‘John F. Kennedy Space Centre’ which has been the principal launching site for manned space flight. 

2. Cape of Good Hope: It is part of South Africa, which is situated in South Atlantic Ocean. Before Suez Canal was built, it was the major ‘Call Port’. At present, many commercial ships pass from here. Speedy air moves every time and weather is stormy throughout year. It was named by Vasco de Gama in 1497 when he sighted a piece of land after a long desperate time in the South Atlantic Ocean. 

3. Cape Trafalgar: located in North Atlantic Ocean, it is southernmost part of Europe. It comes under Iberian Peninsula of Europe. 

4. Cape Hatteras: It is a part of North Carolina State of U.S.A., which is situated in North Atlantic Ocean. For the mainland of North Carolina, a chain of separate island separated by Pamlico Strait, it the world’s longest offshore bar. 

5. North Cape: It is located in Norway along Barent Sea. It is famous for fishing. It is considered as Europe’s northernmost point. It is located not on the continent but on Moruya Island. 

6. Point Pedro: It is northernmost part of Sri Lanka. It is dominated by Tamils. 

7. Indira/Pygmalion Point: Southernmost point of India, which is part of Great Nicobar. It is located in Indian Ocean. 

8. Cape Horn: It is the southernmost point of South America, which is located on Chilean Tierra del Fuego Island. Weather is stormy here throughout year. It receives plenty of rainfall from the temperate cyclone. The surrounding areas of the Cape Horn have green pasture. The main activities of the inhabitants are fisheries and sheep-keeping. 

9. Cape Verde: It is located in Senegal. It is the westernmost point of Africa continent. 

10. Point Conception: It is located in California. It is very important for its biodiversity. 

11. Cape Charles: It is located in East Virginia (U.S.A.) at the entrance of Chesapeake Bay. A light pillar is built on Smith Island situated near it. 

12. Cape York: this is the northernmost point of the Australia on the Torres Strait. It is Monsoon type of climatic region and sparsely populated. 

13. Cape San Lucas: The southern tip of Baja Peninsula in Mexico. Its beaches are of great importance for the tourists and holidaymakers. 

14. Land’s End: This is a rocky promontory in the south-west cornwall, which from the western most point of England. Its sea beaches are a great attraction for the nature lovers and tourists. 

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