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Q,R,S,T Alphabet Words Meaning and Usage in Sentences - Learn English

Below are the words starting with Q,R,S,T alphabet. The meanings of the words are given in the bracket after the word mean and their usage in sentence in given after the word sent.

Quip-mean-(a clever remark) sent-She is quite intelligent and is in the habit of making quips.

Query-mean-(question) sent-he raised a query to find out the veracity of her statement.

Quisling-mean-(traitor) sent-The Mughals and the English always depended on quislings to defeat their indomitable enemies.

Quack-mean-(untrained doctor) sent-A person who dishonestly claims to have knowledge of a subject is called a quack.

Quadruped-mean-(having four feet) sent-A cow is a useful quadruped.

Quasi-mean-(to a certain extent) sent-Indian Constitution is quasi-federal.

Quandary-mean-(in a fix, dilemma) sent-Most of the students are in a quandary about their future plans after they have completed their education.

Quest-mean-(search) sent-He left home at a very early age in quest of a job.

Quell-mean-(suppress, crush) sent-India must deal with the militants with an iron hand to quell anti-national activities.

Quintessence-mean-(perfect example, paragon) sent-Everybody admires her because she is the quintessence of benevolence.

Quarantine-mean-(period of separation) sent-She was admitted to quarantine ward a avoid the danger of spreading of viral fever in the hospital.

Quash-mean-(set aside, strike down) sent-The HC quashed the verdicts of the lower court.

Quench-mean-(satisfy) sent-She needed water urgently to quench her thirst when she returned from college.

Queer-mean-(strange) sent-As she has a queer way of talking, everybody makes fun of her.

Qualms-mean-(feeling of doubt (right or wrong) sent-The hardened criminals are the last to feel qualms while committing cruel deeds.

Quietude-mean-(peace) sent-Once the haven of quietude Kashmir Valley is now a place haunted by terrorism.

Quirk-mean-(a strange act) sent-One can call his misfortune just a quirk of a fate.

Quixotic-mean-(generous) sent-He has not been successful in life because of his quixotic ideas.

Quizzical-mean-(questioning) sent-The quizzical remarks often made by Rohit are appreciated by his friends.

Querulous-man-(fretful) sent-His querulous behaviour has made him unpopular with his friends.

Reprieve-mean-(temporary stay) sent-The lawyers got him reprieve when he was granted bail and released from jail.

Requisite-mean-(necessary requirement) sent-Hard work and honesty are requisite to success in life.

Rampart-mean-(defensive wall) sent-The PM declared from the ramparts of the Red Fort that sovereignty of India is inviolable. 

Reciprocate-mean-(repay in kind) sent-It is our duty to reciprocate the love and regards of our children.

Rendezvous-mean-(meeting place) sent-Once Coffee House in Connaught Place was a famous rendezvous for the writers and journalists.

Realm-mean-(kingdom) sent-In recent years India has made tremendous progress in the realm of nuclear weapons.

Refurbish-mean-(make clean) sent-A person can refurbish his image by leading life dedicated to his vocation.

Robust-mean-(vigorous, strong) sent-Only robust players can withstand the stress and strain of sports in modern times.

Renounce-mean-(abandon, give up) sent-Lord Buddha renounced material life in search of freedom from sufferings of life.

Rudimentary-mean-(not developed, elementary) sent-If one wishes to learn the art of conversation, one must be aware of the rudimentary rules of grammar.

Remonstrate-mean-(protest) sent-The players remonstrated with the umpire about the run-out decision.

Repudiate-mean-(disown) sent-The Finance Minister repudiate his remarks by saying that he was quoted out of context.

Rapprochement-mean-(reconciliation) sent-There is hardly any possibility of rapprochement between India and China as long as boundary dispute between them exists.

Raze-mean-(destroy completely) sent-The whole village was razed to ground by constant shelling from across the border.

Recrimination-mean-(counter charges) When her husband advised her not to neglect her domestic obligations, there were offensive recriminations from her.

Repercussion-mean-(reaction) sent-Every Indian is afraid that Kashmir problem will have serious repercussions both on Indian polity and economy.

Rectify-mean-(correct) sent-The accountant was able to find out the mistake and rectified it in time.

Relinquish-mean-(abandon) sent-Neither of the two brothers is ready to relinquish his claims to the paternal property.

Retrograde-mean-(going backward) sent-Although we claim to have progressed in every field, in fact we have retrograded in upholding human values.

Retrospective-mean-(looking back on the past (from past effect) sent-i When he is in retrospective mood, he speaks high of halcyon days of his youth. ii You will get bonus with retrospective effect.

Retaliate-mean-(hit back) sent-The Defence Minister warned that India would retaliate, if attacked.

Retinue-mean-(number of attendants) sent-The PM arrived in the town with a retinue of officials.

Ruthless-mean-(pitiless) sent-The landlady was not only robbed but also beaten ruthlessly.

Ramification –mean-(far reaching effect) sent- The interference of the President in the affairs of Central Govt. is fraught with dire ramification.

Relegate-mean-(put to lower position) sent-After the defeat of Indian Cricket team in the semifinals in the World Cup it has been relegated to seventh position in ranking.

Recant-mean-(repudiate) sent-Inspite of the advice of the party high command he did not recant his observation about the leader of the party.

Restive-mean-(restless, unmanageable)  sent-The labourers working in this factory are restive on account of non-payment of bonus this year.

Rampage-mean-(rush in sudden violent behaviour) sent-The demonstrators went on the rampage when the Superintendent of Police refused to listen to their grievances.

Rapt-mean-(fully attentive) sent-The speech of the PM was listened to with rapt attention by the audience.

Renegade-mean-(turn coat in politics, religion) sent-inspite of anti-defection law renegades in India politics are having a field day.

Retard-mean-(hinder, check) sent-Population problem has retarded economic progress in every field.

Reprisal-mean-(retaliation) sent-Inspite of provocative policy of militancy pursued by Pakistan, India has done nothing by way of reprisal.

Rancour-mean-(bitterness) sent-Though they had planned to marry, now there is feeling of rancour between them.

Ravage-mean-(plunder, destroy) sent-The floods this year have ravaged the crops severely.

Regime-mean-(system of govt.) sent-Every regime in Pakistan has survived only by arousing animosity against India.

Render-mean-(deliver, give) sent-He is always prepared to render help to the needy.

Recipient-mean-(receiver) sent-The recipient of gallantry awards will be honoured on the Republic day.

Repartee-mean-(clever retort) sent-The discussion in the Parliament on the reservation issue was replete with repartees. 

Reiterate-mean-(repeat) sent-The Principal has reiterated that those students who are irregular will not be allowed to take examination.

Rusticate-mean-(expel) sent-He was caught copying in the examination hall and was rusticated from the university for two years.

Replenish-mean-(fill up again) sent-When the food ran out, it was replenish by the rescue team promptly.

Replete-mean-(filled to capacity) sent-There is no peace in the family though the home is replete with every modern comfort.

Rowdy-mean-(disorderly, disobedient) sent-On the eve of the visit of the Chief Minister the rowdy elements in the city were rounded up by the police. 

Redundant-mean-(superfluous, surplus) sent-The use of computers in the govt. offices has made thousands of workers redundant.

Rift-mean-(opening, breach) sent-The rift between two friends has become irreconcilable.

Renunciation-mean-(giving up, renouncing) sent-Life of renunciation contributes to both moral and physical health.

Ruse-mean-(trick, strategy) sent-Heavy shelling by Pakistan Army was aw ruse to help the militants enter Indian territory.

Rampant-mean-(unrestrained, growth beyond control) sent-Corruption is rampant in every section of Indian society.

Replica-mean-(a copy, miniature) sent-Replicas of world famous paintings are available these days.

Rife-mean-(widespread, current) sent-The city is rife with rumours of communal riots.

Redress-mean-(remedy, compensation) sent-The victim of the police injustice sought legal redress.

Retrieve-mean-(recover, bring back) sent-The govt. is trying to retrieve economy from recession.

Redoubtable-mean-(formidable) sent-India needs redoubtable politicians to build India strong.

Resume-mean-(restart, summary) sent-She narrated the resume of the day’s events and I was shocked.

Reticence-mean-(reserve, talking little) sent-Her reticence makes her look mysterious.

Slovenly-mean-(untidy, careless in work) sent-She is often reprimanded for her slovenly habits.

Supple-mean-(flexible, pliant) sent-The supple limbs of the athletes impressed everybody.

Sacrilegious-mean-(desecrating, profane) sent-The communal riots in the city broke out as a result of sacrilegious act of one community.

Sangfroid-mean-(coolness, courage) sent-The sangfroid of the Army Commander saved the check post from being recaptured by the enemy.

Scourge-mean-(severe punishment) sent-The Plague broke out in the province and people thought it to be a divine scourge.

Salvage-mean-(rescue from loss) sent-The army swung into action to salvage the havoc caused by the earth quake.

Sultry-mean-(sweltering) sent-September and October are sultry months because of excessive humidity.

Surmise-mean-(guess) sent-I surmised that he would not succeed in his attempt to exploit his wife.

Spurious-mean-(false, counterfeit, fake) sent-There is glut of spurious drugs in the market.

Stamina-mean-(strength) sent-She has a lot of stamina and works for hours together.

Supersede-mean-(take the place of ) sent-When the Marketing manager was supersede by his junior, the former resigned.

Saga-mean-(a traditional story of heroic deeds) sent-The saga of Indian soldiers on the war front is beyond description.

Salutary-mean-(beneficial) sent-Salutary working conditions tend to improve the efficiency of the workers.

Slander-mean-(defamation) sent-The editor of the newspaper was charged with slander.

Serenity-mean-(calmness, tranquility) sent-The serenity of the valley in the evening overwhelmed the visitors.

Sumptuous-mean-(lavish (feast) sent-Sumptuous feast was served on the occasion of the wedding.

Stagnant-mean-(motionless) sent-Stagnant water emits foul smell.

Substantiate-mean-(verify, support) sent- it is difficult to substantiate his statement for want of solid proof. 

Sedition-mean-(rebellion) sent-The PM of the state was charged with sedition by the king and was executed.

Stint-mean-(assigned work) sent-Our servant performs his daily stint without grumbling.

Span-mean-(distance (of time) sent-Within a short span of ten years he made remarkable progress in business.

Supercilious-mean-(haughty) sent-Everybody resents the supercilious treatment of the Manager.

Savage-mean-(uncivilized, primitive) sent-Sati system is definitely a savage custom.

Sporadic-mean-(occurring irregularly) sent-Sporadic firing from across the borders continues throughout the year.

Status quo-mean-(existing position) sent-India and Pakistan have agreed to maintain status quo in respect of Line of Control in Kashmir.

Superannuated-mean-(retired on pension) sent-The superannuated army personnel are not satisfied with their pension grades.

Sophistication-mean-(artificiality, refined) sent-Sophistication implies the loss of natural simplicity in a character.

Scion-mean-(off spring) sent-A number of scions of the former rulers have joined politics to maintain their status.

Sinister-mean-(suggesting evil) sent-India has to be always vigilant to foil the sinister designs of Pakistan on Kashmir.

Salient-mean-(prominent) sent-The passive nature of the foreign policy of India has been its salient feature which has not paid dividends.

Sagacious-mean-(having insight) sent-(My father is quite sagacious and is seldom taken in by the hypocrisy of his friends.

Schism-mean-(split, division into two parts) sent-The schism in the Congress party has led to polarization of political forces on economic basis.

Savour-mean-(have a distinct flavour, smell or quality) sent-The assurance of the opposition leaders to flood victims savours of sheer hypocrisy.

Senility-mean-(old age, feeble mindedness of old age) sent-Because of senility he has lost hold over family business.

Subsequent-mean-(following, later) sent-Subsequent event have proved our apprehension correct about our business partner’s treachery.

Sartorial-mean-(pertaining to dress) sent-In the modern era there are rapid changes in sartorial fashions.

Scrupulous-mean-(conscientious) sent-India is woefully lacking scrupulous politicians who are concerned with public welfare.

Subsidy-mean-(financial aid) sent-Government is thinking of providing subsidy on import of edible oils.

Subjugate-mean-(conquer) sent-The king was overthrown as he was unable to subjugate the traitors. 

Succour-mean-(aid, relief) sent-The government has provided ample succour to the farmers affected by flood in the form of financial subsidy.

Sycophant-mean-(flatterer) sent-One must be wary of a sycophant who is just like a snake in the grass.

Surreptitious-mean-(secret) sent-The surreptitious visit of Henry Kissinger to China brought about revolutionary transformation in the relations between America and china.

Solar-mean-(of the sun) sent-Solar eclipse will be visible in India at 2 pm tomorrow.

Stringent-mean-(strict, severe) sent-Stringent laws to curb terrorism in India must be enforced. 

Scruple-mean-(sense of right and wrong) sent-He has no scruple in letting down his parents by his wanton behaviour.

Shambles-mean-(scene of destruction) sent-The house where murder was committed was a shambles.

Sacrosanct-mean-(most sacred) sent-The President of India should not regard his privileges as sacrosanct and immune from public criticism.

Spiteful-mean-(contemptuous) sent-The spiteful behaviour of our neighbours is the result of their jealously.

Stigma-mean-(mark of disgrace) sent-The stigma of having been sentenced to imprisonment always rankles in his mind.

Succumb-mean-(die, yield) sent-The wounded soldier succumbed to his injuries later on.

Sluggish-mean-(slow) sent-The production activities in the factory have become sluggish on account of the apathy of the management.

Sedentary-mean-(requiring sitting) sent-Those engaged in sedentary jobs need physical exercise.

Tantamount-mean-(equal in effect) sent-your action is obviously tantamount to insult.

Tacit-mean-(understood) sent-There seems to be a tacit understanding between China and Pakistan about destabilizing India.

Tirade-mean-(extended scolding) sent-It is a common practice of the opposition parties to indulge in tirade about the policies of the govt.

Tenacity-mean-(firmness, determination) sent-Tenacity of purpose alone can lead you to your goal of life.

Tenure-mean-(duration, period) sent-The pension benefits are granted to an employee in proportion to the tenure of service.

Tranquil-mean-(calm, peaceful) sent-The tranquil atmosphere in the hills proves salutary to one’s jaded spirits.

Temporal-mean-(not lasting forever) sent-Everything in the world is temporal and mortal.

Tyro-mean-(beginner, novice) sent-Though he is just a tyro in business, he works like a veteran.

Tepid-mean-(Luke warm) sent-Please take the medicine with tepid water.

Tortuous-mean-(winding, full of curves) sent-The journey on the tortuous roads in the valley was arduous.

Tryst-mean-(meeting, private meeting) sent-The villagers got wind of the tryst between the lovers and hacked them to death.

Tentative-mean-(provisional, experimental) sent-Nothing is yet final, only tentative programme has been announced.

Terminus-mean-(last stop of rail, road) sent-Mumbai is the terminus of the Western Railways.

Thwart-mean-(baffle, frustrate) sent-The vigilant soldiers on the borders thwarted the intrusion of the militants into Kashmir.

Trauma-mean-(injury, shock) sent-The trauma of physical injury in war has made him suffer from neurosis.

Travesty-mean-(mockery, parody) sent-The trial of patriots like Bhagat Singh was a sheer travesty of justice.

Throttle-mean-(strangle) sent-The old woman was throttled to death by the decoits.

Trite-mean-(hackneyed, commonplace) sent-Such trite remarks as made by the opposition about Indian Army lowers the prestige of the country.

Tempo-mean-(speed of music) sent-The tempo of economic progress in India has been woefully slow resulting in unmanageable unemployment problem.

Tenet-mean-(doctrine, dogma) sent-The tenets of Buddhism emphasise the need of simple lift.

Tribulation-mean-(sufferings) sent-She went through tribulation in life with fortitude.

Taciturn-mean-(habitually silent) sent-Taciturn person don’t commit themselves at random.

Tenuous-mean-(fragile, delicate) sent-The constituents of the present government are held by tenuous ties.

Terminology-mean-(terms used in a subject) sent-Science terminology is Greek and Latin to a Sanskrit scholar.

Terse-mean-(concise, pithy) sent-Dr. Johnson is admired for his terse style of writing.

Travail-mean-(painful labour, hard work) sent-He has gone through travail and sufferings in life manfully.

Threshold-mean-(entrance) sent-India is on the threshold of economic revolution.

Tainted-mean-(infected, corrupt) sent-Ice cream sold by street hawkers is generally tainted and inedible.

Talisman-mean-(a magical object bringing good luck) sent-The mother made her son wear talisman to ward off evil.

Transcend-mean-(surpass) sent-Peace of mind in one’s life transcends all material achievements.


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