Sunday, December 07, 2014

Smaller Countries of Europe Continent - World Geography

1. Vatican City: The world’s smallest country, which is the city of Pope and an independent sovereign nation. It is surrounded by Italy from all the four sides. It is located within the boundary of Rome and in it are included Saint Peter Cathedral, Vatican Palace and Museum, Vatican Garden and neighbouring buildings. 

2. Andorra: State established in 1278 AD, it is located between France and Spain in East Pyreness Valley. It is an agricultural country. Iron, lead, whit mineral salt, stones and building woods are major trading items, but the major source of income is tourism. It is famous for casinos. 

3. Monaco: Located along the Mediterranean Sea coast, it is a small country where kingship prevails. It is in form of an enclave in the territory of France. In winter, tourist come here in large numbers, due to which this country receives high income. It is also famous for Casinos and motor sports, like-Monte Carlo Rally and the Monaco Grand Prix race. To maintain country’s protection, for every 50 person, one policeman is kept. 

4. San Marino: It is a small country surrounded by Italy from all the four sides. Tourists come here in large numbers. It is a country with Mediterranean climate. 

5. Liechtenstein: It is a small European country, which is surrounded by Austria and Switzerland. Country’s eastern part has more height and western part is a plain formed by River Rhine. It is about 2000 years old part kingdom. Tourism and banking are the major sources of income here. It is one of the countries having highest per capita income in the world. It has constitutional and hereditary monarchy governed by a unicameral parliament. 

6. Luxembourg: It is a lowland country located in between Germany, Belgium and France. Due to discovery of Iron here, iron and steel industry has got momentum. It is one among the countries having highest per capita income in the world. 

7. Gibraltar: It is British dependency near the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula at the eastern end of the Strait of Gibraltar. The fossils of the Neanderthal men were first discovered in Gibraltar in 1848. Gibraltar is a popular tourist and cruise ship destination. Thousands of tourists visits the sea beaches of Gibraltar throughout the year. 

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