Thursday, December 11, 2014

Temperate Climate Grasslands and Forests of World - World Geography

These grasslands are found between 30 degree to 45 degree North and South latitudes in the middle part of the continents in both hemisphere. Due to greater land in the northern hemisphere, these grasslands extend up to 50 degree N latitude at various places. These grasslands experience annual rainfall between 25 to 75 cm. This little amount of rainfall is sufficient for grass growth because evaporation is less due to low temperature. This grass is soft and nutritious and very useful for the animal rearing. Grasslands are found various parts of the world which are as follows- 

1. Pampas - It is a temperate grassland in Argentina and Uruguay. It is world’s major agricultural region which is famous for production of food grains and Pork and Beef. Alfalfa is a nutritious grass which is found here which is used in the form of commercial pasture land. The animals fed here are taken to Buenos Aires for slaughter and then their meat are exported. The Pampas export grain, meat, leather and leather products to the European Countries. 

2. Prairies - It is a temperate grassland region lying in the Great Plain of U.S.A. and Canada. Due to influence of ‘Chinook’ wind during winters, grass growth gets support which in turn supports cattle breeding. These natural vegetation has been removed or much altered by cultivation and grazing. These grasslands are extensively cultivated for Wheat, which is exported to different parts of the world. The cattle breeding here is done for both meat and milk. These are sparsely population area of N. America. 

3. Downs- These are the temperate grasslands of Murray-Darling River basin of Australia. With the availability of irrigation they provide good quality fodder for sheep and milk animals. At many places, wheat cultivation has started after removing the grass. Merino sheep graze here in big compounds known as ‘Stations’. Kangaroos are mostly found in this plain region. 

4. Veld - It is the temperate grassland of South Africa. In this grassland, cows, oxes and Angora goats graze in large numbers. Merino and other types of high quality wool providing sheep are found here. Gold, Diamonds, Iron etc. minerals are found here also. The natural vegetation has by now been removed or much altered by cultivation and grazing. 

5. Steppes - This temperate grassland is found in large area of Eurasia. Chernozem soil is dominant here. Brown Chestnut soil is found in European part. At present, extensive farming is being carried out by clearing this grassland. Mainly Wheat is cultivated. 

6. Gran-Chako - A great lowland centred on western part of Paraguay, northern part of Argentina and south-eastern part of Bolivia. It has warm temperate forest and grassland to the south of Selvas. Dry scrub land used mainly for cattle rearing. It literally means ‘The Hunting Land’ in the local language.

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