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Tropical Climate Grasslands and Forests of World - World Geography

Tropical grasslands and forests are found in north and south of equatorial regions between 0 degree to 20 degree latitudes. The average annual rainfall in these regions is 100 to 200 cm. Normally, grass height ranges from 1.8 to 3 metre. It is soft during the rainy seasons but is becomes thick, hard and dry later. It becomes brown after burning during dry season. It is known by the following names in different parts of the world. 

1. Savannah: These are broad belt of Tropical grassland which are mainly found in each side of the Equatorial forest of Africa. Tall grasses grow here during rainy season. This grassland has large number of wild animals. The world famous Masaimara National Park (Kenya) is located in this region. 

2. Llanos: This term has its sources in the Spanish language which means ‘a region of tall grasses with very little trees’. This Tropical grassland is found in Venezuela. It is specially spread in Orinoco River basin. The grass here is normally 1.8 to 3 metre high. It includes vegetation formation classes ranging from woodland to grassland. It is frequently burnt by the cattle keepers to increase the fertility of soil. An inhabitant of the Llanos is known ‘Llanos’. 

3. Campos: This tropical grassland lies in the southern part of Brazil. Tall grass is found in this grassland. The campos are characterized by grassland and woodland. The trees are widely spaced. The campos are rich in fauna and flora and they are increasingly brought under cultivation. 
4. Parkland: It is Tropical grassland laying in southern part of Africa. 

5. Selvas: The Equatorial rain-forest in the Amazon basin (Brazil) are known as selvas. These forest are very dense and trees are very tall. They have great biodiversity. There may be more than 3000 species of plants and tree. They are also known as ‘Lungs of Earth’. On the trees, there are many climbers and epiphytes. 

6. Catinga: This is a type of thorn forest found in arid regions of north eastern part of Brazil. The low average annual rainfall, semi-arid condition prevails here. Under such climate condition, the natural vegetation is in the form of Scrub and thorny bushes. This is one of the sparsely populated and less developed region of Brazil. 

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