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U,V,W,X,Y,Z Alphabet Words Meaning and Usage in Sentences - Learn English

Below are the words starting with U,V,W,X,Y,Z alphabet. The meanings of the words are given in the bracket after the word mean and their usage in sentence in given after the word sent.

Untenable-mean-(unsupportable) sent-Your arguments are untenable because they have no bearing on the subject.

Unbridled-mean-(unchecked) sent-The city is torn with unbridled violence because of communal riots.

Ubiquitous-mean-(present everywhere, omnipresent) sent-Dogs are ubiquitous in every Indian street.

Upbraid-mean-(scold, reproach) sent-She was upbraided for her impertinence.

Uxorious-mean-(devoted to one’s wife) sent-Uxorious husbands are not acceptable in the world of men.

Utopia-mean-(imaginary land) sent-Those who think of the world free from violence are living in utopia.

Usurpation-mean-(act of seizing power) sent-The military leader was charged with the usurpation of the throne.

Umbrage-mean-(resentment, anger) sent-She considered his remarks exceptionable and took umbrage at them.

Ulterior-mean-(hidden, unstated) sent-She could not see through ulterior motives of her mother-in-law and came to grief.

Unearth-mean-(dig up) sent-The police were able to unearth the cause of murder only after sustained interrogation.

Unkempt-mean-(disheveled, unstated) sent-When he came out of the police station he looked shaken and unkempt.

Unilateral-mean-(one sided) sent-He objected to the unilateral decision of his partner to enter into an agreement with a third party.

Unequivocal-mean-(obvious, plain) sent-India has declared in unequivocal terms that she would not third party mediation on Kashmir issue.

Unsavoury-mean-(nasty, disgusting) sent-Her unsavoury remarks about the host broke up the party suddenly.

Unruly-mean-(unmanageable) sent-Her unruly behaviour in the class annoyed the teacher.

Vivacious-mean-(animated, gay) sent-Vivacious children are loved by everybody.

Vacillation-mean-(fluctuation, wavering) sent-My friend’s vacillation between fear and hope made all of us nervous.

Vindicate-mean-(justify, clear of charge) sent-His innocence was vindicated and the judge acquitted him.

Versatile-mean-(having may talents) sent-India needs versatile players like Kapil Dev.

Verity-mean-(truth, reality) sent-The verity of his statement has been vindicated by the subsequent events.

Vociferous-mean-(clamorous, noisy) sent-The traders had planned a peaceful march but the mob grew vociferous in excitement.

Vie-mean-(contend, compete) sent-The middle class should not vie with the rich.

Venerable-mean-(deserving high respect) sent-Venerable persons are always respected in society.

Vent-mean-(express, utter) sent-The writer seems to have vented his anger at the injustice done to him in his latest novel.

Veer-mean-(change, turn) sent-When he was attacked he veered round and retaliated.

Vehement-mean-(with vigour, strong) sent-The teachers made vehement protest against the promotion policy of the University.

Vagary-mean-(strange and sudden change) sent-The crops was destroyed because of the vagary of the nature.

Vogue-mean-(popular fashion) sent-Jeans are in vogue these days.

Vantage-mean-(position giving an advantage) sent-The militants occupied the position of vantage and started firing across the valley.

Venal-mean-(capable of being bribed) sent-The venal police men did not take any action against the smuggler and set him free.

Vitiate-mean-(spoil the effect of) sent-The reservation policy has vitiated Indian society giving rise to castist politics.

Vendetta-mean-(family feud) sent-The abduction of Mr. Rastogi is attributed to vendetta between the two families.

Viable-mean-(able to exist) sent-Your argument is not viable because it has no bearing on the subject.

Vilify-mean-(slander, malign) sent-Election is a period when politicians try to vilify the reputation of others.

Vernal-mean-(pertaining to spring) sent-Vernal rain in England is a common phenomenon.

Vintage-mean-(rare, grape harvesting season) sent-Vintage car rally was held in Indian last year.

Vindictive-mean-(revengeful) sent-The elephant is vindictive.

Vandalism-mean-(destruction of public property) sent- The unruly crowd was dispersed by the police when it indulged in vandalism.

Vituperative-mean-(disparaging) sent-It is a pity that modern politicians indulge in vituperative criticism in election campaigns.

Waive-mean-(remove) sent-Government is thinking of waiving of import duty on life saving drugs.

Wanton-mean-(playful, immoral) sent-Her wanton conduct cost her loss of reputation in society.

Withhold-mean-(keep back) sent-The university is forced to withhold the results of many students on account of non-receipt of answer-books from the teachers.

Wreck-mean-(destroy) sent-The ship was wrecked when it collided with an invisible rock in the sea.

Wont-mean-(habit) sent-Everybody was surprised at the manner of his behaviour because he acted differently from his wont.

Wary-mean-(chary, cautions) sent-You must be wary of strangers while travellings.

Wean-mean-(separate) sent-The opposition is trying to woo the voters belonging to the minority by weaning them from the party in power.

Warrant-mean-(justify) sent-His impudent behaviour towards the teacher was not at all warranted.

Way-ward-mean-(unruly, rowdy) sent-She is fickle minded and is accused of way-ward disposition by her friends.

Wane-mean-(decline) sent-The popularity of the Congress party is certainly on the wane.

Willful-mean-(obstinate) sent-The child is willful and impervious to the advice of his parents.

Wan-mean-(pale looking, weak) sent-She looked wan and weak after long illness.

Way-lay-mean-(rob) sent-The ladies were way-laid when they were returning from picnic.

Wrath-mean-(anger) sent-The natural calamities are manifestation of divine wrath and scourge.

Wilt-mean-(wither) sent-The plants wilted in the scorching heat of the sun.

Wield-mean-[use (power)] sent-Dictators are accustomed to wielding power against their opponents ruthlessly.

Wreak-mean-(give expression) sent-Hamlet wreaked vengeance for the murder of his father.

Wrest-mean-(take violently) In elections every party tries to wrest initiative from opposite parties by hook or by crook.

Whip-mean-(lash, flog) sent-The rapist was whipped publicaly by the residents.

Wangle-mean-(manage by unfair means) sent-The employees always try to wangle extra benefits from their employers.

Xenophobia-mean-(fear of foreigners, yellow peril) sent-The white races are obsessed with xenophobia and are afraid of losing domination.

Yawn-mean-(deep breath with mouth open) sent-She yawned and fell asleep soon.

Yearn-mean-(long for, keen desire) sent-She yearns to meet her daughter who is in the States.

Yeoman-mean-(a working farmer on his own land) sent-Bal Gangadhar Tilak did yeoman service to the cause of Indian freedom.

Yoke-mean-(used for oxen for pulling carts) sent-India was able to get rid of the yoke of the English after World War II.

Yolk-mean-(yellow part of an egg) sent-The yolk of an egg is quite nutritious.

Zest-mean-(enthusiasm, gusto) sent-She lost zest in life after the death of her only son.

Zealot-mean-(fanatic) sent-The zealots are offensive to those who believe in humanitarian service.

Zealous-mean-(enthusiastic) sent-We must guard our freedom zealously.

Zig-zag-mean-(winding with unequal bends) sent-The rash driving on zig-zag roads is quite dangerous.

Zoom-mean-(rise, move upwards) sent-Prices of medicines zoomed when their imports were banned.

Zenith-mean-(summit, peak) sent-Today he is at the zenith of his career.

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