Thursday, December 18, 2014

Why Bureaucracy preserves its own power according to Weber

Ques.4 In the canonization of this abstract idea of Staatsraison are inseparably woven the sure instincts of the bureaucracy for the conditions which preserve its own power in the state (Weber) Explain 150 words.

Ans. In the globalised world of today the abstract idea of Staatraison or National Interest is not feasible however a practical idea of Staatraison exists.

According to Weber, bringing to life that abstract idea of National Interest has hardships and efforts from the side of Bureaucracy to safeguard its own power territory from encroachment by other organizational systems and ideas. The members of the Bureaucracy by using their knowledge power implement polices and programs in such a way that they can not be executed without the involvement of Bureaucratic arrangement. B’cracy is regularly reforming itself in the name of national interest by adopting open work culture through the institutions of Lokpal and Lokayukta, provision of RTI and Citizen’s charter. For eg. CIC and appointment of Judicial members in Lokpal.

Whatever B’cracy does is done in such a way that for its implementation the involvement of B’cacy becomes mandatory and this had been the trend in many countries worldwide.

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