Friday, January 23, 2015

Parmaras of Malwa, Gujarat Solankis, Pala Dynasty, Sena Dynasty

Parmaras of Malwa were one type of the Agni Kula rajput clan. Their capital was Dhar in the location of Malwa. The most famous ruler of this clan Parmaras was Raja Bhoj of Dhar. Many works of astronomy, culture, science, maths were composed in the reign of Parmaras. The rule of the Solankis of Gujarat has also been explained in this Audio. Somnath temple beauty and grandeur was refined and refurbished in their reign. The Buddhists people of the Pala dynasty have also been talked about. Vikramshila University has been discussed in the audio. Somapura Mahavira has been explained. Buddhist poems Charyapada has been explained. Next came the Sena Dynasty whose founder was Vijayasena whose reign was 1097 to 1160. Disclaimer - This audio has been recorded by the administrator of this blog while himself studying. The audio materials of this blog have been read and recorded by reading from various books and materials available. This audio is for all IAS aspirants and is available on this blog free of cost. This is a not for profit venture and serves third party advertisements in order to meet the expenses met in maintaining audio and video lectures. If any person or party has any problem regarding the material published here please send your copyright complaints to

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