Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Chola Kingdom Gangaikondacholapuram, Battle of Koppam, Temple Architecture in Chola Kingdom Audio Lecture

In this audio the left part of the chola empire has been covered. Some part of chola empire and their rulers I have already covered in my previous audios and in this one I have covered the rest of the rulers of the chola empire. The ancient name of the Chola Kingdom was Gangaikondacholapuram. Chola empire was one of the most influential empire of its time and it was the envy of its contemporaries. After that the Battle of Koppam which was fought between Rajadhiraja Chola and Rajendra Chola 2 on one side and the chalukyas on the other side. The battle of Dannanda have also been talked about in this audio. In this audio we have also talked about rulers like Rajendra Chola 2, Virarajendra Chola, Kolutthunga Chola, Vikrama Chola, Koluthunga Chola 2, Rajaraja Chola 2, Rajadhiraja Chola 2, Kolutthunga Chola 3, Rajaraja Chola 3, Rajendra Chola 3. Temple architecture of Cholas has also been told about in this audio. Special mention has been made of the Vijayalaya Chola Isvara Temple, Koranganath Temple, Muvarkovil, Tiruvalisvaram, Brihadeeshwara temple. Disclaimer - This audio has been recorded by the administrator of this blog while himself studying. The audio materials of this blog have been read and recorded by reading from various books and materials available. This audio is for all IAS aspirants and is available on this blog free of cost. This is a not for profit venture and serves third party advertisements in order to meet the expenses met in maintaining audio and video lectures. If any person or party has any problem regarding the material published here please send your copyright complaints to

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