Monday, February 09, 2015

Application of Scientific Management Theory in India

Ques 31. Do you think Scientific Management offers any solution to the issues in public administration of a developing country like India? Elaborate.

Ans. Scientific Management theory was propounded by F.W. Taylor in the USA at around 1900. At that time the USA was a developing country and industrial revolution was in progress. This is the scenario in India today and therefore the theory is still relevant in Indian context. However the theory was focused on lower level workers. In Indian Public Administration and other developing countries SMT is useful because of below factors –

(1) In developing countries shop floor workers are generally poor. Using piece rate and incentive system of SMT can encourage them to work hard. It will also reduce their tendency to get affected by the trade union which are very often used for vested interests.

(2) Developing countries like India have big population most of which lie in working age group. So by training them in skill development Industrial training institutes they can be employed in industries which will reduce unemployment and will bring development of the society as whole.

(3) During the training of workers in ITI and in MBA colleges course curriculum special weight-age should be given to the SMT’s concept of Mental Revolution. They should be made to realize that their collective work will lead to their and organization’s success equally.

(4) Professors and experts from top technical institutes like ITI’s should be brought in to first assess what work is to be done. After that for doing that work workman having appropriate skills must be selected scientifically. This is particularly important in India where we see Electrical and Mechanical Engineers working in software job Companies.

(5) Sharing of responsibility between managers and workers should be established as blame game is rampant which was manifested clearly in the aftermath of Bhopal Gas tragedy.

So looking at these points we can say that SMT can play a big role of positive nature in developing economies.

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