Monday, February 09, 2015

Difference between Good Governance and Neo Wilsonism

Ques 28. Do you think good governance is a throwback to the classical theory of ‘one best way of governance’? How is it, if any, different from neo- wilsonism?

Ans. The concept of “Good Governance” is evolved when we compare successful economies and political bodies to their unsuccessful counterparts. Good governance can have different meanings in different contexts. It depends on a lot of factors like geography, local political scenario, demography, economic reforms, social equality. Human Resource Development, employability and efficiency of Institutional State undertakings etc. So due to its diverse and myriad ambit it is a strong set back to the Classical theory of “One best way of Governance”. One best way of doing things was a principle of Scientific Management Theory of Taylor which at that time around 1900 was relevant but in today’s globalized world it has become irrelevant as what is best in one country may not be as effective in the other.

Neo Wilsonism is the updated form of our principles of original theory. 

They are –

(a) There is a science of administration.
(b) Politics Administration Dichotomy.
(c) Need for efficiency and effectiveness in administration
(d) Comparative study of administration is mandatory.

Politics Administration dichotomy is not possible in Good governance as policy formulation and implementation has to be done keeping in mind final objectives.

Efficiency and effectiveness in public administration is abstract when we talk about Neo Wilsonism whereas it is inclusive of human welfare when we talk about Good Governance.

Comparative study and Science of Administration is present in both Neo Wilsonism and Good Governance.

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