Monday, February 09, 2015

Equality and Legitimacy more important than Good Management

Ques. 27. “The equity and legitimacy aspects are as important, or perhaps more important, than good management Comment. 

Ans. The concept of good management is very much related to the 3I's of NPM Economy, Efficiency and Effectiveness and also to the 4D’s of NPM – Decentralization, De-bureaucratization, Delayering and De-concentration. Good management focuses on E-governance, Smart administration, Human Resource development, optimum utilization of resources, focuses on performance and value for money. But all these aspects of good management focus on increasing the efficiency of the Organization and Public Administration. It does not places any special emphasis on the human aspect.

When we talk in the context of an organization it is important of keep the satisfaction of employees in consideration because if due to unequal treatment, lack of performance based incentives, excessive work pressure the employee is not satisfied and motivated then efficiency will drop endangering the whole plan set up of good management.

When we talk in the context of Public Administration the concept of equality and legitimacy becomes more important than good government management especially in complex democracies like India where a whole chapter in Constitution is dedicated to ensure “Social Economic and Political Justice” which is DIRECTIVE PRINCIPLES OF STATE POLICY.

Good management alone cannot ensure equality and legitimacy in Public Administration as decision by few elites cannot be in favour of the varied cultures and diversified masses of India.  They need to be given special care and protection by the Government for their upliftment. 

Some steps in Indian context are –

(a) 73rd and 74th amendment bringing Panchayati Raj and Municipalities in play.

(b) Article 15 clause 1,2, 3, 4, 5 ensures security for women and backward sections of society.

(c) Article 25-28 ensures religious freedom and Article 29-30 cultural freedom.

(d) Schemes like MNREGA, IAY, PMGSY, PM Minority 15 Point program, Integrated Child Development Services all strive for social equity.

So we can say equality and legitimacy aspect are more important but can be achieved by broadening good management.

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