Monday, February 09, 2015

Role of Ethics in appointment of Public Servants

Ques. 35. Recently a principle of a government aided college was appointed as a board member of a famous liquor company. Identify the ethical issues involved and critically comment on them.

Ans. If any institution is taking financial helps from the Government then it is covered under the legal definition of the state. So the governing members of the institutions should strictly abide by the Constitution and specially with the Directive Article 47 which says that “State shall endeavour to bring about prohibition of the consumption except for medicinal purposes of intoxicating drinks”.

The responsibility of the same person as a board member of a liquor company would be to promote the sales of that company. The principalship of that college is not a Constitutional service and neither Article 47 is legally enforceable so here the ethics and inner conscience of an individual comes in play.

On moral ground each and every individual should discourage consumption of intoxicating drinks and this statement assumes greater significance when that person is a role model for the society. No matter what bad we do in our personal life we should be responsible for any bad faith which disseminates from us sending a wrong signal to the society.

As the head of a Govt. educational institute we know that students are likely to emulate us and learn from us. In this circumstance even if we are doing something which on moral grounds is contradictory to our original job notwithstanding whether it is legal or illegal we should shed it off owing to our moral responsibility before fingers start pointing towards us.

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