Monday, February 09, 2015

Which Factors affect Emotive Rationality of Administrators

Ques. 21. Do you think that over reliance on Rules has sidelined emotive rationality of administrators? Do you think switching over to market oriented approach could change the scenario?

Ans. Emotive rationality of administrators has suffered a lot due to some factors- mentioned below/as followed –

Individual Accountability instead of Collective Accountability. In complex political environments especially one like in India tough decisions are needed to be taken by bureaucrats. But the fear of their decision going wrong may restrain them as they are accountable for their deeds to their seniors individually.

Old SoP (Standard operating Procedure) lead to Red tapism which in turn leads to inordinate time delays all in efficiency.

Rule based hierarchy system leads to decrease in innovative approaches. There is no scheme of incentives for the administrators which can encourage them to adopt rational approaches in order to increase the overall efficiency of work process.

What change can Market oriented approach can bring in –

This approach makes the work free from political interference giving autonomy to organizations which make their decisions in a more profitable and business oriented manner. For eg. The recent deregulation of Diesel price will increase competitive of Oil Companies. This will also reduce the CAD as the diesel subsidy stood at 0.3% of GDP last year.

It brings in investment through LPG (Liberalization Privatization Globalization) which brings in State of the Art technology and an efficient commercial attitude thereby increasing rationality and decreasing traditionality.

But over implementation of this approach has to be checked as it may lead to aggravated marginalisation of the poor whose welfare is the prime responsibility of the State.

So we can say that emotive rationality of administrators depends on a mix of traditional bureaucratic approach and a market oriented approach.

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