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SBI PO 2015 Mains 26th July Expected Cut offs and Analysis

Dear friends SBI PO 2015 Mains exam has been successfully conducted all over India on 26th July 2015. Here I will present you the detailed analysis of this exam and estimated cut offs of the exam. The exam as expected had 200 questions equally divided among Data Interpretation/Quant, Verbal Ability and Comprehension, General Studies and Reasoning which was really of high level.

In simple words I would say the exam was tough in fact you can say very tough. There were some easy questions in the paper scattered around various sections and those questions are the key to success in this paper.

Data Interpretation/Quant Section of SBI PO 2015 Mains Paper -

The Data Interpretation/Quant was specially very difficult and time taking. You can say it was more difficult than the last years paper. Special surprise was the probability question in that section which had taken many students by surprise but in this whole section only the probability questions were of moderate difficulty level and they were the least time consuming. Many caselets of Data Interpretation in this section were very difficult and few were moderately difficult but at the same time they were time taking. The key to this section was time management. One needed to score only the bare minimum cut offs of this section and they were to attempt limited number of questions of this section and devote their time to more easy questions of other section. Anyone who is going to score 9 marks in this section is sure to cross the sectional cut offs of this section and as we all know the accuracy in attempting data interpretation questions is good for most of the candidates so anyone who has attempted 12 to 14 questions with only 1 or 2 wrong taking 18 to 24 minutes for this section shall be considered a very good performance.

General Studies, Marketing and Computers Section of SBI PO 2015 Mains Paper -

This section was on the easier side or you can moderately difficult side. There were not very much questions of computers or marketing. Around 15 to 20 questions were asked from current affairs. One disappointment was that not many questions were there from the most craved economic terms(like repo,reverse repo,BOP etc.) So many candidates were disappointed not to see questions related to these terms. Anyone who scores 12 to 14 marks taking 10 to 14 minutes will cross the sectional cut offs of this section easily.

 Verbal Ability and Comprehension Section of SBI PO 2015 Mains Paper -

This was the section in addition to reasoning which will decide the cut offs as it was moderately difficult. Many guys and gals who are good in english are going to score 40 plus in this section. Fill in the blanks were easy. Spotting grammatically incorrect statements was easy. Reading Comprehensions were very lengthy and the most difficult part of this section. There were 2 reading comprehension passages and most of the students have attempted only one of them as they did not have time to attempt the second one. As this was the section to target any score in the range of 20 to 25 in this section can be said to be good and anything above 25 would be a very good performance with a time involvement of around 25 to 30 minutes.Sectional cut off of this section will not be more than 14 marks.

Reasoning Section of SBI PO 2015 Mains Paper -

This was the section in addition to Verbal Ability and Comprehension Section which will decide the cut offs as it was a mixture of easy, difficult and very difficult questions. One circular arrangement question in this section of 7 questions was a disappointment for many candidates as a lot of candidates attempted that question for 10 minutes and still were not able to solve it. There were 2 more caselets one of rectangular table arrangement and weekly arrangement which were of moderately difficult level. The greater than and less than equal to questions were around 10 in number. The input output question was of moderate difficulty level. Anyone who scores more than 25 in this section in a time period of 40 minutes will be considered a very good performance.

Descriptive Section SBI PO 2015 Mains Analysis - 

This was very easier this year. There was a letter writing assignment with a word limit of 150 words of 20 marks. The three choices were(based on memory) -

1. Write a letter to your manager about the pathetic file management in this office and advise him some alternatives.
2. Write a letter to your aged teacher thanking him for your being a good human being.
3. Write a letter to a leading newspaper editor telling about the increased cyber crimes in the city and ways of how to tackle these crimes.

There was an Essay Writing assignment of 300 words limit of 30 marks. The choices were(based on memory) -

1. Pros and cons of ‘one rank one pension’ scheme
2. Over-dependence on monsoon for farmers
3. Ethical problems of e-commerce

The cut offs in this section would be near about 20 marks.

SBI PO 2015 Mains 26th July Expected Cut offs - 

Even though the paper was difficult than last year's cut off which was 112 for General Category I am predicting the cut offs on the basis of increasing competition year by year.

The cut marks I am telling are in total i.e. Written Test plus descriptive -

General Category - 115 to 120
OBC Category - 98 to 105

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All information given in this article are based on the experience and previous assessment of examinations. No guarantee of being true.Feel free to ask questions in the comment box below.


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