Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Aiming High should not hamper your Happiness and Health

Happiness implies different meanings for different individuals. Every individual is unique in himself and has a different set of wants for his economic, social and personal life. Our wants and satisfaction determine to a vast extent how happy we are. If we have limited aspirations we can achieve them easily and be happy in life but this does not means that having big aspirations is wrong unless we do not resort to some illicit means to achieve big. Also the aspiration to become big should not be so dominant that it plays on your mental and physical health as these two are the biggest assets of any human being.
Now we can make a comparison - Suppose some Mr. Y is a millionaire and in order to maintain his business he spends 12 hours in his office working in an ambience of intense pressure having no time for his family and their is at the same time a daily wage labourer who works 8 hours a day and earns only $7 a day and goes back to home without any mental pressure and spends quality time with his family. So in these two cases second is more well off despite being less on money. He still lives a better life of the two.

So friends the crux is that dreaming big or small does not matters but that should not be at the cost of your very happiness which directly derives from your mental satisfaction, family and health.

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