Monday, August 31, 2015

Alternate Segment Theorem,Tangent Secant Theorem,Length of Direct and Transverse Tangent Formula Theory Proof Video

In this video friends first I have explained the theory of Angular Bisector Theorem and then its proof and significance. Also I have proved the Angular Bisector Theorem in 2 cases - First case is the case of a right angled triangle and the second case is the case of any triangle.

After that I have taken up Tangent Secant Theorem. Before that I have taken up an example in which I have taken up two secants from a single point outside the circle and by making angles equal using the property of cyclic quadrilaterals I have made triangles similar and then proved the formula. In the second case the intersection point of two chords lies inside the circle itself and then accordingly a formula is proved.

After that Tangent Secant Theorem its theory and detailed proof has been shown. This theorem was taken by me after Alternate Segment Theorem because for proving Tangent Secant Theorem we needed to use the property of Alternate Segment Theorem in it.

Then I have told what are Direct Tangents and Transverse Tangents. The formula of direct and transverse tangents as given in the book has been told in this video and also how that formula is proved from the figure has been shown by me.

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