Monday, August 17, 2015

Angular Bisector Theorem(Internal and External) Their Proof and Questions Based On Them

In this video I have first completed the incomplete portion of my previous topic (one question which was left) and one more concept involving similarities of triangles. I have told that how we can find the ratio of areas of two similar triangles and have discussed an example explaining the concept.
After that I have explained in this video two theorems - 

(a) Internal Angular Bisector Theorem
(b) External Angular Bisector Theorem

Regarding the Internal Angular Bisector Theorem and External Angular Bisector Theorem I have told their proofs, their application in various questions, how to link these concepts with other topics of Maths. I would recommend you all to watch this video repeatedly and revise questions periodically so that your hold on this topic is further strengthened. The questions discussed in these videos are listed in the below snapshot. I have produced the questions in the snapshot as it is really hard to present you a diagram in an online format......


  1. I thank u a lot for providing an excellent set of lectures,where the concepts are delivered with a good set of problems.I also thank for your efforts to explain both in english and hindi.

    1. Thank u for your good words vasu.......

  2. I am in debt of ur teaching....u made my concept clear....thnk u so much

  3. But Y other videos are not free...


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