Thursday, August 20, 2015

Apollonius Theorem and its Proof,Concept of Circumcircle,Circumradius,Circumcenter and Proving of Formulas Relating to Triangles

In this video first I have told you the basics of Apollonius Theorem and then I have proved Apollonius Theorem using the concepts of Coordinate Geometry. After that I have discussed an example relating to the usage of Apollonius Theorem in Questions.

After Apollonius Theorem I have told about five formulae relating to triangles and have proved those formulas. The five formulas explained by me in this video are as follows -

FORMULA 1 - Area of the Triangles = 1/2 x Base of the Triangle x Height of the Triangle

FORMULA 2 - Area of the Triangles = 1/2 ab SinC = 1/2 bc SinA = 1/2 ca SinB

FORMULA 3 - Cosine Rule of the Triangle

FORMULA 4 - HERO'S Formula to find the area of the Triangle

FORMULA 5 - Area of the Triangle = abc/4R, where R is the Circumradius of the Triangle

Also I have explained in this video the concept of Circumcircle, Circumradius and Circumcenter

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  1. Fantastic explanation of the apollonius theorem.

    I really appreciate the lucid langauge


    Yashodhan Joshi (Pune, India)


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