Sunday, August 30, 2015

Circle Basics,Chord,Triangle in a Semicircle is Right Angled,Angles in Major and Minor Arc,Opposite Angles in a Cyclic Quadrilateral are Supplementary Proof Video

In this video I have started with the explanation of basics of circles. Circle is very important for our competitive exams preparation. In this video first I have covered why a triangle that is made in a semicircle with one side coinciding with the diameter has the angle formed by other two sides as 90 degrees. After that I have explained the relation between the magnitude of angles formed by two points at the center and at the circumference in the major arc and minor arc of the circle. The major arc and minor arc explanation has been covered in the video.

Then I have taken up the explanation of why the opposite angles of a cyclic quadrilateral are supplementary that is their sum is equal to 180 degrees. Using this property I proved the Ptolemy Theorem in my previous triangles video. Some more properties of Cyclic Quadrilateral have been taken up in this video. I would advise every one of you to watch these videos repeatedly and then practise the theorems on your own that I have explained in this video. Watching these videos once is not sufficient. Repetition is very important to get a hold of everything you learn.

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