Friday, August 07, 2015

IIM Ahmedabad Closes Doors For Engineers In CAT 2015

Article 20 Clause 1 Clause 2 Clause 3 of the Indian Constitution says that no person can be punished twice for the crime committed by him in the past and he can only be punished in accordance with the law prevalent at the time at which the crime/offence was done. What has been done recently by IIM Ahmedabad is a gross violation of this constitutional right of every aspirant of Common Admission Test 2015.

The much awaited notification/form filling for CAT 2015 has started and this time of form filling is normally a time for immense happiness and nervousness for thousands of serious aspirants of Common Admission Test but this year something different has happened, something which is really very depressing for all IIM Ahmedabad aspirants(specially those guys and gals who are now out of the race). IIM Ahmedabad has recently released the criteria for shortlisting candidates this year and this criteria has been a sort of hammering which has rendered many of the talented engineers out of the race to their dream college IIM Ahmedabad.

All of us are humans, all of us crave about IIM Ahmedabad when we read the 2 states novel and watch the movie, all of us dream when we hear about packages of 1 or 2 crores, the foreign internships, the social recognition bla bla....... Precisely these are the things which more than 98 percent of the aam junta craves for and there is nothing wrong in craving but the problem arrives when we are out of the race without even being given a chance for it. What happened in CAT 2015 is something like that. 

Till CAT 2014, the selection process was already very difficult for engineers but still there was a hope for 50 toppers of engineering stream to manage a call of interview in IIM Ahmedabad but this year even that chance has been snatched away. What the hell these IIM Ahmedabad guys think???? Do they thing that scoring 78 percent in an engineering degree is a cakewalk. Now a days with rising levels of education and increasing number of students who are pursuing engineering the various engineering colleges have raised their education level in order to compete for managing student enrolments. For any student who is studying in a government college scoring 78 percent is almost impossible. Also an average of 80 percent in 10th class and 12th class is also a partiality towards those students who at the time of their studies were not very serious but now have become serious.

Now there is one more fact which this IIM Ahmedabad selection criteria has very blatantly ignored. There are some colleges in the states of Odisha and West Bengal who irrespective of the level of the student awards them marks which are well above the mark of 80 percent. I met a guy from one type of that college and he told me that the least scorer from his college has scored 75 percent marks in Civil Engineering. Any Civil Engineer from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur has to work very hard to manage that score. Now looking at this stat we can say that an IIT Kanpur student who scores around 76 percent and an Odisha Type college student who scores 80 percent - this criteria is assigning greater weightage to the later one which is totally inappropriate and is a blatant disregard for genuine talent.

Few days back Central Government has made a proposal to snatch away the autonomy of the Indian Institute of Management and there were intense protests against this step of the Government. It was said that the Government is being in a dictatorial mode and wants to take everything in its control. I also supported the stance that Indian Institute of Management should maintain their autonomy but now after what IIM Ahmedabad has done it is better if the government decides the criteria of selection of aspirants as that criteria would not be so illogical. 

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