Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Is Competition Motivating You or Depressing You??

Hello friends lets talk about the topic with which almost all of us suffer and it is one of the biggest deterrents in our overall growth and performance. Friends we all live in a high pressure environment in which we on a daily basis are compelled to compete with our neighbours, friends, college mates, officemates etc. This sometimes makes life very difficult for all of us as we all in order to make our life better are constantly looking for ways through which we can outshine our competitors and this competition is present everywhere be it a competitive examination, a love affair, getting promotion in our office, booking online railway and movie tickets, catching a bus early morning and searching for a seat to sit and many other circumstances.

So this brings us to a question.
Is Competition good or is it just a waste of our energy and resources? 

Well this question will be answered by many different persons in many different ways. Most of the people(around 90 percent) will say that competition is important as it brings out the best in them(no matter how much they are suffering because of it). They would say that they love competition and many do love competition and enjoy it.

Others would say that competition is not good as it engages us in a mad race to defeat others and even if they win that race they do not gain anything substantial from that and end up wasting their time, energy and resources. 

The most apt answer of whether competition is good or not.

The answer of this question depends solely upon the particular individual attitude. Some people enjoy competition and they love competing with others and they do that in a positive manner. They do not make themselves sick while competing. Even if they lose in that competition they take it in a positive manner. This helps them a lot and in a manner this very competition makes them feel happy and also contributes to their good health.

Whereas any other person who is not taking this competition positively he is bound to lose in the competition. As he is not taking that competition in a positive manner he would develop a sort of negative attitude in him which will ultimately demoralize him and will restrain his performance considerably. So a person having this attitude should not indulge himself into unnecessary competitive races as any defeat is going to make him think negative and negative thinking affects our mind, soul, health, body and makes us sick. One thing we should all be wary of is negative thinking. No matter what circumstances you are facing you should never think negatively as negative thinking is going to impede your progress and will snatch away the fun and happiness of your life.

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