Friday, August 28, 2015

Parallelogram,Trapezium,Kite,Rectangle,Square Properties and Proof Video

In this video I have started the explanation of different types of convex quadrilaterals. I have explained formulas related to rectangles and squares. How to find out the length of the diagonals. Then I have explained how to prove the area of trapezium is equal to 1/2(Sum of parallel sides)Height . Also I explained the formula of finding the length of the line parallel to the two parallel sides of the trapezium.

Then I have taken a detailed explanation of parallelograms and I have explained how to find out the area of the parallelogram in all possible ways. Then I have detailed the properties of parallelogram in this video. Also at the start of this video I have taken up the two general formulas of calculating the area of all possible convex quadrilaterals.

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