Saturday, August 08, 2015

SSC CGL 2014 Final Result to be declared by 15th August

DISCLAIMER - All information below is an assumption and I take no responsibility for it to be true or false. Believe it at your own risk.

Dear friends I know many of you are getting restless now to enquire about when the  final results of SSC CGL 2014 will be declared. As the Interview/CPT/DEST have been concluded successfully all over India without any major glitches and looking at the swiftness with which the Staff Selection Commission have declared the final results of SSC CGL 2013 many of you are having a feeling that the result of SSC CGL 2014 will be declared soon. 

However friends here I would say one thing that in SSC CGL 2013 final result Staff Selection Commission was under a lot of pressure to declare the result soon as the process was already late by around 18 months and because the result was declared with so much swiftness some errors were present in the final result due to which Staff Selection Commission declared the revised result after 10 days. This year Staff Selection Commission is not going to repeat that mistake. They would take utmost precaution before declaring the final result and even after the results are prepared multiple machine and manual checking of results will be done before it is finally published on the website. 

Now around 12 days have already passed when the full process of Interview/CPT/DEST has been completed and we can expect the results now in maximum 2 weeks i.e. in no case from my assumption results will be delayed beyond 22nd August. I know waiting till 22nd August will be excruciating for many of you guys but friends it would be better that Staff Selection Commission declares the result once, because even if after declaring results there is some mistake and then revised result comes then it becomes very depressing and hassling for some candidates who are on the borderline. 

But there has been some news which says that there are high chances that the results will be out by 15th August and the reasons for this are many - 

1st Reason - Staff Selection Commission is aware of the situation that if the final results are not declared before the SSC CGL 2015 Tier 1 Exam than most of the candidates who are selected in SSC CGL 2014 will reappear in SSC CGL 2015 and this will snatch away chances of hundreds of candidates who are appearing in SSC CGL 2015. So Staff Selection Commission will try its best to declare results by 15th August i.e. 16th August which is the second day of SSC CGL 2015 Tier 1 Exam

2nd Reason - Recently on the Facebook page of the director of SSC NWR a message was found. It read something like this - 

"A number of candidates are enquiring about CGL-14 final result. Result processing and declaration is in domain of HeadQuarter of SSC and Regional office is not aware of that. Commission is makes all out efforts to declare results as soon as possible but the volume of candidates, decentralised interviews/CPT/DEST in regional offices, thorough checking of data make the task very difficult and time taking. Pl. do not have anxiety for result. It will be declared very soon and who knows that it may be before 15th August.....Let us wait."

Now regional directors do have some idea that what is going on in the main Headquarters. After all they are in charge of a whole region. He may be or he may not be true but still this is a positive omen that there are high chances that the result will be out by 15th August.

3rd Reason - There are many people who have friends working in SSC CGL Headquarters and they are saying that Staff Selection Commission is working with full speed towards declaring the results and they are trying their best to declare them as soon as possible. But they are not telling any exact date, may be they would have been advised against saying anything like that.But still they say that the results will be declared soon.

NOW THE GOLDEN RULE - Friends we all know that the results will come out some day. It may be at the end of august also but there's one thing we all should keep in mind. Even if you are selected in the final results after that is a long process which is going to take some time. After that nominations will be done which will take around 2 months to complete. Then will come the allocations which will be done by the respective departments and after that Medical/Physical/Police Verification/Local Intelligence Unit Verification which will take anywhere around 8 months to 15 months in case of some departments. So being apprehensive at this stage of competition is going to reduce you efficacy of current work. Whatever you are doing please continue doing that with full dedication and energy without worrying about what the results would be.

I wish you ALL THE BEST....... May all of you get your dream post.

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