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SSC CGL 2015 Tier 1 Analysis Expected Cut Offs Morning and Evening Shifts(9th August)

Dear friends the SSC CGL 2015 Exam is nearing and all of you would be busy fastening your preparation for the SSC CGL 2015 Tier 1 Exam. We wish you best of luck for your prelims paper. We sincerely hope that all of you would be well prepared for the exam and would be in the best of spirits to bell SSC CGL 2015. 

We know friends that as soon you all will be back after attempting your exam you all would be very much apprehensive about your exam performance regarding how well you have performed in it. In that case we will be there to help you. 

As soon as the exam is finished in the both morning and evening shifts we will bring to you the exam analysis and an idea of the expected cut offs for all categories. We will also try to provide you the genuine and authentic answer keys of the paper across various sets however we can not be very sure of providing answer keys of all paper sets as we all know that in SSC CGL 2014 TIER 2 Staff Selection Commission has used a lot of different paper sets so it became almost impossible to provide answer keys for all of them. But we will try to cover the maximum sets.

Friends as an experienced player in this SSC CGL Exam I would suggest you all not to take extra pressure in the run up to the SSC CGL 2015 Tier 1 Exam as this can affect your performance in the exam ambience. Always keep in mind that we perform the best when we are stress free. Now as only 4 days are left in the examination I would suggest you all not  to solve too many questions as at this point of time it is not going to help you much. Just revise the mathematics formula, english vocab, idioms and phrases and other static things. 

Also one thing you can do at this time is to revise the last 4 year papers of SSC CGL. We all know that Staff Selection Commission every year asks the same type of questions again and again and it is not a surprise that a lot of questions asked every year are based on the same concepts on which questions have been asked in previous years. They only change the data of the question the question remains the same. Sometimes they even forget to change the data and asks ditto the same question and that is precisely one of the reasons that why SSC CGL cut offs are soaring in the previous few years. So friends be cool and do not at any cost forget to revise the previous year question papers of SSC CGL. They are the key to success in this hard fought exam. Also try to attempt maximum number of questions as the negative marking is in the proportion of minus 1/4 so you can take chances while attempting the paper.

We wish you all the Best. Do tell us about your exam experience in the comment section below.


So friends finally the SSC CGL TIER 1 EXAM 2015 morning shift is over and here we are with the analysis of the same.

Staff Selection Commission now has acquired the pattern of asking the same type of questions on the same type of concepts. From the last few years there has been no change in the pattern of questions asked and this year was also the same. All other exams like SBI PO, Common Admission Test, IBPS PO etc. are slightly varying the pattern of the question paper and the types of questions asked but Staff Selection Commission is still consistent with its approach and may be this is one of the reasons that the cut offs of Staff Selection Commission has soared in the previous 2 years. When the pattern of the paper is not changed it is not tough to guess what type of questions would be asked. The real challenge of competition of intellect lies precisely in those conditions when a candidate finds himself in troubled waters and has to search for the way to save him but this SSC CGL 2015 Paper was no trouble. It was very much predictable and doable. Anyone who has revised the previous year question papers repeatedly and was well versed with the mathematical formulas was able to perform well under pressure.

Lets us have a look at the section wise difficulty of SSC CGL 2015 TIER 1 EXAM - 

Quantitative Ability Section of SSC CGL 2015 TIER 1 EXAM -

This section consisted of 50 questions and was a balanced mix of formula based questions and common sense questions. Around 5 to 6 questions were very difficult. Around 25 questions of this section were of moderate difficulty level and all others were easy. In this analysis section I am not mentioning the particular questions but soon I would update the links of the questions papers and their answer keys. Now the performance in this section would totally depend on the individual's preparation level of this particular section. There would be many candidates who would score in the range of 45 plus in this section and there would also be hundreds of candidates who are going to score 50 out of 50 in this section. If we look for an average score in this section, I would say that anyone who has managed more than 30 in this section with exceptional performance in other sections is well on track to manage his or her dream post. Well I know that there are candidates who are not good in Maths and they find it very difficult to score in this section but this SSC CGL paper is  more about comparative performance. Even if someone is not able to score enough in Quantitative Aptitude section and scores well in other sections he is going to compensate his loss in marks of this maths section. In any case the time allotted to attempt this section should not be more than 35 minutes.

General Intelligence and Reasoning Section of SSC CGL 2015 TIER 1 EXAM -

Now comes the section which matters the most. Many students claim that they are good in English and not so good in Mathematics. Others say that they are good in Mathematics but their English is pathetic. This is the section in which everyone says that he is ok. No one says that he is weak in reasoning and after looking at the type of questions that are asked in Staff Selection Commission Examination Reasoning section everyone feels confident that yes he can do those questions. This year also this reasoning section was the section to target. It was of moderate difficulty level and scoring 40 plus numbers in 35 minutes should not be difficult for a student who has done ample amount of practice in this section. It is also advisable to start attempting the paper first with the reasoning section. The biggest fact about the Reasoning Section and the Quantitative Aptitude section is that we can attain 100 percent accuracy in these two sections. If we attempt 45 questions in reasoning we can be sure that all of those 45 or at least 44 of them are correct and this gives immense confidence. Now coming to what would be the average score of this section, I would say it would lie in the range of 30 to 35 marks.

English Comprehension Section of SSC CGL 2015 TIER 1 EXAM - 

This section was a little bit tough. I would not say that it was very difficult but it was also not very easy. It was pretty much the same as what appeared in SSC CGL 2014 TIER 1 Exam. Some candidates today were disappointed with this section as they said that it was very difficult whereas others said that it was of moderate difficulty level. So when we hear the reviews about a particular section we come to know about the fact that the assessment of the hardness or easiness of any question is comparative in essence. This means that one who has prepared well for English would never find this section difficult and one who has not prepared this section and is low on confidence is always going to find this section difficult and tough. So it would not be a surprise that many candidates will score around 45 to 50 in this section. If we talk about the average score of this section I would say it to be in the range of 25 to 30. A time of 30 to 35 minutes is enough to attempt this section. Hindi medium candidates who are not well versed with English Language would require some more time to attempt this section.

General Awareness Section of SSC CGL 2015 TIER 1 EXAM - 

This section of Staff Selection Commission is the most unpredictable. Even those guys who are preparing for Civil Services find this section tough to attempt. It was a mix of almost all streams including Economy, Geography, Current Affairs. Indian Polity and Constitution, History and many miscellaneous topics. The questions were no doubt tough. There were some easy questions directly from Current Affairs but performance in this section is a very tough task. Even the best of candidates score a maximum of 30 to 35 marks in this section so any score in the range of 15 to 20 marks would be termed as a very good performance. If you have scored more than 20 marks in this section than this section will prove as an asset for you and frankly all those guys who score in excess of 150 marks in SSC CGL TIER 1 perform very well in this section as this section is responsible for taking you in the top 100 performers of SSC CGL TIER 1. This section should not take more than 15 minutes and the average marks scored in this section are in the range of 8 to 14.

So friends after looking at this section wise analysis I would say that If you are scoring above 100 you should consider yourself in the safe zone of selected candidates and should start your SSC CGL TIER 2 EXAM preparation immediately. Anyone who is scoring more than 110 marks will be said a very good performer and more than 135 will be excellent.

Estimated Cut offs of SSC CGL 2015 TIER 1 EXAM -

GENERAL - 95 TO 102
OBC - 84 TO 88
SC - 75 TO 80
ST - 67 TO 73

For Quantitative Aptitude and Logical Reasoning Videos visit this link

We wish you ALL THE BEST.......You can clear all of your doubts in the comment section below.Please help others by sharing your scores, attempts and estimated marks in the comment section.

If there is a big variation in the morning shift and evening shift papers I will apprise you of those variations and also I will present a consolidated analysis after the 16th August paper of SSC CGL 2015 TIER 1 EXAM has been conducted.


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  7. Surbhi you should definitely go on with your preparation.......there are chances that when final scores come out our scores increase by 2 or 3 numbers due to some question errors made by SSC.........and no matter what you should never give up your hard work......speculating cut offs would not help........

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