Saturday, September 12, 2015

Part One Mensuration Question Solving Video

Question 1. An insect travels from point A on the rim of a cylindrical glass. It has a constant speed and travels in a spiral on the outer surface of the cylinder. By the time the insect completes one full spiral it reaches the bottom of the cylinder at a point directly below the starting point. Find the total distance travelled by the insect.

Question 2. Find the length of the longest pole that can be placed in an indoor stadium 24 meter long, 18 meter wide and 16 meter high.

Question 3. A silver wire when bent in the form of a square , encloses an area of 484 square cm. Now if the same wire is bent to form a circle the area enclosed by it would be

Question 4. A cube whose edge is 20 cm long has the circle on each of its faces painted black. What is the total area of the unpainted surface of the cube if the circle's area is the largest area possible ?

Question 5. The perimeter of the sector of a circle of radius 5.7 meter is 27.2 meter. Find the area of the sector.

Question 6. Water flows at the rate of 10 meter/minute from a cylindrical pipe of diameter 5 mm. Find the time taken to fill a conical tank whose diameter at the surface is 40 cm and depth 24 cm.

Question 7. The radius of right circular cylinder is increased by 50 %. Find the % increase in the volume of the cylinder ?

Question 8. Iron weighs 8 times the weight of oak. Find the diameter of an iron ball whose weight is equal to that of a ball of oak, 18 cm in diameter ?

Question 9. Find the area of a triangle inscribed in a circle circumscribed by a square made by joining the midpoints of the adjacent sides of a square of side a.

Question 10. Find the ratio of the diameters of the circles inscribed and circumscribing an equilateral triangle to its height. 

Question 11. Two goats are tethered to diagonally opposite vertices of a field formed by joining the midpoints of the adjacent sides of another square field of side 20 root 2 meter. What is total grazing area of 2 goats if the goats can just touch each other with equal rope length.

Question 12. The area of the floor of the circular based tent is 308 square meter. If its height is 7 root 2 meter, then find the canvass required for the tent ?

Question 13. A right circular cone has its height equal to its diameter each measuring P cm. Find its volume ?

Question 14. A five rupee note measuring 12 cm by 6 cm and a bundle of such 5 five rupee 100 notes is 1 cm thick. What is the value of the five rupee notes contained in the box of the size 36 x 24 x 3 cm, if the bundles are tight packed in the box without any empty space.


  1. Hi harshit.. i got a doubt in the 8th question which says WEIGHT OF IRON is 8 times the weight of OAK which means..weight(iron) = 8*weight(oak) but as per your equation at 53.23 shows weight of oak = 8*weight of iron

    Can you please explain me if i went wrong anywhere in understanding your explanation ??? it will be helpful for me.

    Thanks in advance


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